Email notifications/alerts about replies to a thread: are you getting them?

Hello everyone.

We wanted to ask you all if you're getting email notifications when someone else has posted on a Chat thread you're on?

And, if you are, do you find you get them every time someone replies, regardless of how long ago you posted? Or only when you have just posted?

Also, do you get notifications when someone posts on a thread you're following – but not posting replies on?

Sorry for all the Qs but we've been working away to make notifications work again (they'd stopped for a bit) and we thought we'd fixed it – but we've been seeing a few posts lately saying notifications aren't coming through any more.

So, ANYTHING you can tell us here about how notifications are working for you - or not! - would be incredibly useful.

Thanks so much!


  • Bumping this - please do let us know what you think.

  • Hello all! Just bumping this up again.

  • I get an email notification the first time somebody replies and then no more unless I comment again. I'm not following any threads that I've not posted on so can't say on that I'm afraid. Hope I've helped!

  • Yes, that does help, Rach2186. That is what we were suspecting was happening.

    We think you'd all probably prefer to get a reply every time someone replies, whether you've commented again or not. 

    Is that right?

  • Yeah I think so as sometimes you can lose a thread if you don't reply straight away and have already deleted the email. Although on some of the more popular threads it might mean a fair few emails in one day.

  • Thanks Rach2816. That's really helpful.

    Anyone else think the same?

  • Hi all, anyone else having notification issues? Please do let us know!

  • I don't get them x

  • Thanks for you post, smith0108.

    We've just had a quick peek at your account settings and we can see that your account is set NOT to receive email alerts.

    Which would definitely explain why you're not getting them.

    If you'd like to get them, all you need to do is go into your My Settings area (if you're on a phone, you'll find it by tapping the little person icon at the top and then selecting My Settings; if you're on a desktop computer or tablet, you'll find it by tapping/clicking on the black down arrow in the yellow bar up at the top of your screen beside your screen name, and then selecting My Settings).

    Once you're in My Settings, you need to scroll down to Forum Settings, open Forum Settings and find Forum Reply Alerts.

    Then tick On and de-select Off.

    Do let us know if this works!

  • Did you get it sorted, smith0108?

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to check you're all still getting your notifications ok, so when someone replies to a thread you're following, you should receive an email alert?

  • Hello DanielleMFM, I no longer recieve my email notifications from the group conversations. I didn't make any changes to my settings it just stopped coming through. 

  • Hello 1stLuv. Sorry to hear your email notifications have stopped – that's really annoying, we know.

    We'll look into that ASAP.

    Would be be able to give us an idea when they stopped for you? That would help us out a lot.

    And (forgive us for asking but we kinda have to check) you haven't changed your email address recently, have you?

  • I'm not getting any messages at all thought I would be when I joined up on here anyone having the same problem 

  • Hi Caseylou, thanks for the post and we're sorry you're not getting messages. 

    Can you tell us what you mean when you say that?

    Do you mean when someone replies to a post you've made, you don't get an email notification? 

    Don't worry, we'll do our best to get to the bottom of it! 

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