Sick of/annoyed by Magic Spell/Love Spell/Fertility Spell spammers? Help us get rid of them!

Hello everyone

You may have seen that we're regularly targeted by people who pepper MadeForMums Chat with really very annoying, spammy posts about love spells, magic spells, fertility spells - or, just for a change, kitchens!

Obviously, we – and I'm sure you all of you, too – don't want to see Chat spammed in this way. 

We do our best to delete the spam whenever we see it but these particular spammers are a pretty persistent bunch – and we'd really love your help in keeping them off Chat!

So, if ever you see one of these posts, please report it to us by tapping/clicking on the Report link at the bottom of the post. 

That's all you need to do.

And it quickly alerts us to the spam, if we happen to be taking a break from the boards to do other stuff.

Oh, and if any of you are feeling particularly peeved by all the spell stuff (we know we are!), do please feel free to check Latest Posts every now and again; it's the quickest way to spot new ones – and, of course, see all the best and most active proper Chat on here!

Thank you so much!


  • Big thanks to all who reported the latest spammer - they're all deleted now.

    Please do let us know, by hitting that Report button, if you see any more!

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