A big MadeForMums welcome to everyone from The Mumdrum! It's lovely to have you here

Hello hello 

We've just pressed the big button and joined MadeForMums up with The Mumdrum! And that means we want to say a very big welcome to everyone from The Mumdrum who now finds herself on MadeForMums Chat! It's lovely to have you here.

If you're a MadeForMums regular, nothing has changed; we've just been joined by some very nice new people. We hope you'll make them feel very welcome.

If you used to be on The Mumdrum, please make yourself at home! Your threads and posts are slowly but surely winging their way over here – in no particular order – so don't panic if you can't find them right away. It's going to take a little while for everything to migrate over but we're hoping everything should be properly in place by tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, please do have a mooch around Chat – and if you'd like to add a post to this thread to say hello, we'd be really quite chuffed!

Oh, and if you have any questions, please do post them here too. We'll do our very best to answer you.






  • Hello! I'm here - anyone else? Loving the doggie welcome!

  • Hello tayto - nice to see you here!

    Hope it wasn't too difficult to find your way across...

  • Not at all Helen - very straightforward! Hopefully some of the other MD ladies will be along shortly. I need my bed unfortunately so won't do any more posting now - early start for a not so nice procedure tomorrow image

  • Hi tayto and Helen I'm here too. Not liking my username though so will start thinking about what to change it to. Don't want it to be too different though. 

    Hope you get a good nights sleep tayto. Will be thinking of you x

    hoping some more MDers will join us soon. xx

  • Aw, hope tomorrow goes well for you, tayto. Please do let us know when you're able to.

    And welcome, MrsB! Nice to see you here, too!

    Am sure we can help you change your username to something you like. If you drop us a mail at [email protected], we'll have a delve in our database and see what we can do for you.

  • I had to change mine too so just stuck a letter at the end instead. Not keen on seeing extremely inactive threads from MD showing on the latest posts sections - seems a bit odd and still wish they'd left the old posts behind instead of transferring them over. Not sure if I'll stick around as the forum seems pretty quiet on the whole.

  • I'm here! But not liking my username much. 

    Have sent an email to ask for it to be changed!

  • Hi RKB and purple star! Great to see you here too. 

    I've changed my name for now but not sure I'll stick with the 'md' at the beginning. Just really disliked mumdrum being tagged on to the end. 

  • Hello PurpleStar(J) - nice to see you here!

    The old posts from MD are only appearing in Latest Posts for a few seconds at the moment of transfer, then they get 'filed' by date in the archive, with threads of a similar date. So if you happen to spot one in Latest Posts (and they might all have been 'filed' by now), just refresh your screen and you'll see it'll have gone.

    Sorry you think this Chat forum is quiet. We typically get 200 posts a day, which I think is a wee bit more than MD. Hope you'll stick around a bit to see.

  • And welcome to you, RKB, too!

    We'll check our inbox for your mail - am sure we can sort you out with a name you're happy with.

    MrsB: as I think Sarah explained when she announced MD was joining with MadeForMums, adding 'mumdrum' to the end of a user name was just a temporary measure in some cases to avoid duplicating user names – there must be someone in the MFM database with MrsB as a user name too. As we said to RKB, I'm sure there's a way to find you a name you're happy with. Drop us a mail!

  • Thanks Helen, yes, Sarah did explain that. If I can't think of anything myself I will definitely drop you an e mail. 

  • Hello, 

    How do I go about deleting my account. 

    My old account has been brought over that I stopped using. 

    Its been pretty upsetting seeing some of my old posts coming up. 

    I will just make a new account if u stick around. 


  • Hi all,

    I'm here - not sure how much I'll be posting as I've got so much going on at the mo. But will try and check in.

    Good luck today Tayto lovely. x

  • MrsB: Great! We're here to help.

    SallyLou: Welcome! Lovely to see you!

    Chocolate Cupcake: Just had a quick peek at the database and it looks like you had two accounts with MD, and they've both been brought across. We can sort that for you - we'll drop you a mail (at both email addresses). Please don't make a new account just yet!

  • Hi everyone,

    My stars have gone!!!! I don't like it. My stars were so pretty.

    I'm trying to change my user name, but it keeps saying that I can't use special characters or something, but I'm not trying to add any special characters. I just want to be Pocahontas, sob.

  • If its added mumdrum to the end then it means someone else has pocohontas already on this forum and it won't let you keep it image 

  • Hello Pocahontas - lovely to see your here!

    Yes, sorry about the stars. We don't have special characters in user names, we're afraid. But we will definitely imagine you in stars when we see your name!

    And it may be that we can sort you out Pocohontas (on its own) as your user name again. Drop us a mail at [email protected] - and we'll see what we can do...

  • I loved my **Pocahontas** now I've had to change it and it's crappy. 

    Just started to read some threads to realise they are old MD ones with old users. I can't seem to find the 200 odd new posts a day on here anywhere!! 

  • X-posted, IamPocahontas! Do drop us a mail.

    And to see the most recently active posts, just click on Latest Posts - there should be a link on every page and also in the Quick Links drop down. Shout if you can't find it!

    Word of warning: when you're on Latest Posts, you may well see old MD threads appear at the top. Don't panic - that's just part of the migration process and it's only going to be happening today. If you refresh your screen, you see they disappear almost immediately - to be 'filed' in the right place according to date. Bear with us on this!

  • I have checked my email addy for this account and not had an email.. 

    For the CC I used on MD recently was a facebook login so I dont have an email registered to that I don't think?!

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