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Hi there, what's the point of the view counter on each thread and can it be removed. Seeing posts with tons of views and very few replies especially on sensitive topics is disheartening and quite upsetting. I can't fathom what benefit there ishaving it on there ?


  • Hi Purple Star. Thanks for your question.

    The view counter is actually quite a common feature of online discussion forums – you'll see it on most other forums. So MFM is not unusual in having view counts for threads.

    As far as I'm aware, view counts have been on MFM threads (and Babyexpert threads) ever since MFM (and BX) were originally created.

    And I think, in most cases, looking but not posting is not necessarily a sign that people don't care.

    We know, for example, that lots of folk 'lurk' on a forum for quite a while before they first post – they like to read the threads, see what's happening, get a feel for the place, before they venture in. That was certainly true for me, when I first came across forums many years ago – I reckon it was about a year before I moved from 'lurker' to poster. But that didn't mean I didn't feel really closely involved with the people whose posts I was reading.

    We also know that some more prolific posters will repeatedly check out threads before posting – so clocking up many views for every post they actually make. You post a lot, so I'm sure you know what I mean: it's natural to check on a thread you posted on to see if anyone else has posted since. And again, that's not a sign of not caring: in face, it's a sign of caring a lot!

    And then, of course, there's always the 'not sure I can help' thing: you might click on a thread, hoping to be able to help someone and they're actually asking something really specific, about which you have no knowledge or experience at all – 'Can anyone else with six children, two cats and a Miele dishwasher help me with my kitchen dilemma?', for (ridiculous) example.

    That said, we do see your point that, if you had started a thread about something distressing or sensitive and had few replies but lots of views, you might feel more disheartened than if you had just the few replies but didn't know about the greater number of views.

    If others feel the same way you do – please do post here and let us know if you do – then, as ever, we will always take that on board and have a good think about whether we should remove the view counter displays.

    Thanks so much for raising this!

  • Totally agree with PS - The counters are in my opinion pointless and disheartening when you post something and your getting views but no comments.

    I have never come across another forum that uses them.


  • Thanks for your post, Chocolate Cupcake. Hope you've had a moment to read our response to PurpleStar, above.

    And views really are quite commonly used on forums, we promise. They're used on Netmums, MoneySavingExpert and TheStudentRoom, to name just three.

    But, as we said above, if loads of MFM posters think they're a bad idea, we're very open to taking a look at how we could change.

  • I don't like them either and see them as as a bit pointless. 

  • I don't mind them. It is a bit disheartening when you see a lot of views and no reply to your question, but I also feel that it reminds you that people are seeing your thread and someone that could help might get across your question. 

  • Thanks Mirela – that's good to know.

    We are still keen to collect as many views (ha ha!) as possible on this one, so if you have any strong (or even tepid!) opinions about the View Counter on threads, please do come and post here and tell us.

    As always, it's your opinions on how this forum should work and look that matter the most.

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