I don't like it here


I came over from The Mumdrum and said I would give MFM a fair try, and I think I have. However, I really don't like it here. It's totally not for me.

How do I go about getting all my MD posts deleted and everything else deleted please? As well as having my account deleted.



  • Oh I am sorry to read this, Pocahontas. We were enjoying the threads you have started since you joined us – you bring us a much-needed broader range of topics, which truly enrich our forum.

    We were particularly hoping that, after your recent successes, you might become a bit of a guru in our Potty-training topic image

    It's a shame that it's been half-term this last week, with the many of our posters who have older children, like you, away and/or not posting so much. 

    But we do understand if you truly don't like it here. (Though we may cry a little bit at you saying that.)

    If you honestly don't think you could hang in here just a little more (it does take time to get used to a new place, I know), then of course we'll help you delete your account. Just drop us a mail at [email protected] and we'll sort you out.

    Really hope we don't have to, though...

  • I agree, I was in need of hopes ANYTHING as I am wanting to have my rainbow baby so bad and felt no support or anything what so ever.

  • Smaly... sorry to hear that... is there anything in particular that you needed help with / specific questions I might be able to try and answer?

  • Hi Smaly, welcome to the forum - we're sorry to read of your loss.
    We're also really sorry to read your post above. 

    We can see the thread you started has had a reply - but it's also worth noting, we're a UK based site, so when you posted it was in the middle of the night for us - hopefully your thread will have more replies as the day goes on.

    We have everything crossed for you that you have your BFP - please do let us know. 

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