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Birth Clubs: a small change to let you all know about

Hello hello

We're just doing a bit of housekeeping, clearing up the forum a bit, making it nice and tidy and so on. And, as part of that, we're planning to move the Birth Clubs section of the forum into the Pregnancy & Birth section – because it kinda makes sense, we think, to keep all the pregnancy-related chat in the same place.

None of the existing Birth Clubs threads will be lost, we promise. We'll just move them over into the new Birth Clubs topic under the newly christened Pregnancy & Birth Clubs section.

So the only thing you may notice as different is that if look at the Chat home page, there'll be one Pregnancy & Birth Clubs section, rather than separate Pregnancy & Birth and Birth Clubs sections. And if you happen to look at Latest in Pregnancy & Birth Clubs, you will be able to see all the threads from Pregnancy, Baby names, Labour & birth, as well as all the Birth Clubs threads.

Hope that makes sense. Do please post here if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Hello again. Just updating this thread to let you know that we are beginning the process of moving the threads over.

    It may take us some time, so please bear with us!

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