Are you having problems posting replies on threads? Pls read this!


We've just realised that there seems to be a problem posting replies on threads. (You can start a new thread but not reply to an existing one.)

We're really sorry. That's obviously completely pants – and shouldn't happen at all.

We're working on sorting it all out and fixing stuff. And we'll let you know as soon as we've found the problem and made it possible to post replies again. 

But in the meantime, huge, huge apologies – and please bear with us. 


  • Only problem I'm getting is I'm not getting any emails to say there's been a reply xxxxx

  • Thanks Linz1234. We've just this minute fixed the bug - so you should get an email notification of this reply of mine. Please let us know if you don't!

  • Apologies again, folks, for the situation last night. And thank you for bearing with us while we tried to fix the bug. 

    Happy posting today!

  • Nope Helen image sadly no email to say there was a reply will let you know soon as I start getting them again though I will just keep popping back on so no problem xxxxx

  • Oh no. 

    Right, we've had bit of a fiddle in the back end (oo er missus!) and hopefully, this reply of mine should trigger a notification for you. 

    Fingers crossed! Please let us know!

  • Sadly not Helen image xxxxx

  • Oh no! 

    Is your registered email address the right one for you now? Can you pop us a mail at [email protected] - and we'll try to sort all this out for you.

  • Hiya Helen just sent the email through to you hin xxx

  • Hi linz1234, we're just testing to see if you get this notification. Please let us know.

  • No emails Danielle image don't worry will just keep checking back have saved the email address into my address book you sent through xxxxx

  • Oh no, linz1234. We thought we might have cracked it there! Sorry.

    We'll keep trying to puzzle it out. Can we just check though: were you getting notifications before? In other words, have the notifications just stopped recently or have you never had any?

  • Yeah was getting them every time someone replied on the threads I was following and all of a sudden they have just stopped. What a mystery but thank you for trying to sort it for me xxx

  • Whoop whoop just to let you know I'm getting emails again image xxxxx

  • Yay! That's brilliant. Thanks for letting us know!

  • No problem thank you for sorting it out image xxxx

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