Can you help MFM

I am hoping you can, when  this was a prima site the chat rooms helped me out enormously, I hope you can see my history of threads that shows what a great support this was.  I know have two boys, and was in the Born in Nov 2009 group.  In approx. Spring 2010 I was in Prima magazine about bleeding in pregnancy and how it didn't always mean the end of the pregnancy and there was a lovely pic of me and Tobes - do you have these articles still as after a house fire I do not have this.  Also I thought you might be interested in checking out my blog on www. as there are some posts all about trying to get pregnant and the awful journey we had to get the boys.   Many thanks in anticipation Sarah x (Toby,5 and Sam 3)


  • Hi summer_76 - how nice to see your name pop up! Hope you and the boys are doing well.

    MadeForMums is now run by a separate team to Prima Baby but we're in the same building, so we'll pop up the stairs and see if they have some archived old issues they could look through to see if they can find that picture you're after.

    Sorry to hear about the house fire. How awful! Did you lose much?

  • Hi again summer_76. We think we've found that picture for you!

    Could you please drop us a line at [email protected] ?

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