Notification emails are not working - or are they?

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed you're not getting that helpful email direct to your inbox telling you when someone has replied to a thread you're following on MadeForMums.

Sorry about this - we have a bug in the system we're working on fixing.

In the meantime, do please keep popping back in to see if your threads have been posted on. Apologies - we are on the case!


  • Hello. Just popping in with an update.

    We think most people are getting email notifications again - although there may be one very odd one with no link in it lurking in your inboxes!

    It would be VERY helpful if you could let us know, by posting on this thread, that you're getting notifications OK (or not).

    Thanks very much!

  • I'm getting them thanks

  • Thanks for letting us know Yellowp, that's very helpful.

  • Ok this end 😊 xx

  • That's great Mirela, thanks for letting us know! 

  • I haven't had any e-mails today on the threads I follow, just said to hubby about it then saw this!!

    Also I have to sign in every time or I can't respond where as b4 I didnt have to?

    I'll see if I get any tomorrow!

  • I haven't had any x

  • Thank you missmyangels and Chamilto, that's very helpful. Curiouser and curiouser! We'll try and get this sorted and keep you posted.

  • I've had an email but with no link in it

  • Hi milliemoon - thanks for letting us know about that. We think that might be a random weird one, sent out by mistake while we were trying to fix things.

    Hopefully, this reply of mine should send you an email with a link that's working? Do please let us know!

  • It's working now thank you x

  • Hurray! Thanks so much for letting us know, million.

  • All good here:) About 50 emails just appeared!!! I'll be busy chatting to everyone now!!!

  • Hahaha missmyangels - sounds like you've a lot of catching up to do! 

    Thanks so much for letting us know it's all working again for you. Yay!

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