How do you use Chat? Do you check out Latest Posts? Please come and tell us!


We'd love to know a little more about how you lovely people use MadeForMums Chat.

So we hope you don't mind if we ask you some questions.

Please do answer as many as you can – it would be so helpful and we'd be really grateful. In fact, we may even be able to dangle before you the chance of some chocolate, or some other nice prize, for a few people chosen at random from everyone who helps us out...

OK, so here are the questions:

1. How did you first find MadeForMums Chat?

2. When you come to Chat now, what prompts you to visit? Is it a forum reply notification in your email? Or do you just like to check out your favourite thread(s)? Or is it something else?

3. Where do you tend to 'hang out' on Chat? Do you have a special thread you always visit? Or do you have a topic (section), like Trying to Conceive or Pregnancy, where you look at all sorts of different threads? 

4. Do you ever check out Latest Posts or the Featured Discussions? And if you do, do you ever see an interesting thread there that you maybe wouldn't have seen elsewhere?

Please don't feel you have to answer every question (though it would be lovely if you did!).

Thanks so much for taking the time to help us out.



  • hi there, 

    1.I first heard of mfm when it was. Baby expert. I joined the site many moons ago when we were first trying to conceive and have been a lurker ever since! 

    2. I tend to be visit either from an email prompt or just randomly! No rhyme or reason when! 

    3. I regulaely read the posts on other threads but tend to only follow one or two threads at time depending on my current situation. I have in the past been in the ttc thread, miscarriage thread, pregnant after mc, due in June 2012, other due in groups then left after mc and now the due in October group.  one of the ladies from the due in June 2012 thread set up a private Facebook group which has about 30

    acrive members. We have met and its lovely to know people are going through things at the same time as you. This is is how I find the groups helpful. There is always someone in a situation like yourself and they are there to offer help and support when you don't always eanr to discuss the little things with family etc. 

    4. Yes I regularly look at other areas of discussions etc. 

    i love the site, not always been active Inbetween pregnancies as life tends to get in th way but it's great to know it's always there!


    ladies xx

  • hi

    o found MFM when I googled a question in early pregnancy.  I then signed up to the pregnancy thread,  I now only really use the one thread due in January and I normally read and respond to response notifications I get through email.  I often Google queries and MFM appears as the question has been asked by others in the past.  I find the thread I visit very helpful and it's lovely to talk to others at the same stage of pregnancy going through similar things.  I sometimes check out latest threads but generally stick with the due in January thread as this is most applicable to my life at the moment.

    thank you MFM the site has been a huge help and the fellow members are a great support.

    caroline xx

  • 1) From Google i think

    2) Forum notification emails

    3) in my Due Group (April 2016)

    4) Nope, :)

  • 1. I was on Google as I wanted to know roughly how long it would be for me to have my first period once coming off my pill. The Cerazette thread came up and as that was the pill I was on, I joined from there. I used it then mostly to get information and to ask a couple of questions.

    2. I login a couple of times a day if I remember and just check the threads that I am following. If I have more time sometimes I check the recent posts.

    3. I always look at my birth group one first (Due in December) reply and then have a nosey around. 

    4. Yep every now and again, it depends how much time I have. 

  • I stumbled across mfm whilst using Google when initially trying to conceive and I've been hooked ever since. I did join another one or two groups online and I never revisited after being on here. 

    For me it varies, I definitely come have a look when I've had an email with a notification but sometimes I enjoy just having a browse of the threads. I always keep in touch with my birth club thread so mainly loiter around the 'pregnancy'  section for that. But I also enjoy visiting the 'trying to conceive' section to give advice to others who are now in the position I was. 

    I religiously check the 'latest posts'  and enjoy seeing how everyone comes together on the threads. 

    The openness and honesty on this site has saved me from going crazy on more than one occasion and it's now a bit like reading the daily paper! 


  • Think I found the site from Google?

    Most often look at my due group February 2016, usually after an email notification but do venture to other threads like the orchard toy shopping list game where we were lucky enough to be selected to trial a great game. I definitely wouldn't have signed up for a trial elsewhere and find the site informative and reassuring.

    Thank you xx

  • I found it through google, when looking for advice (can't remember what about now) . I always follow the due in feb thread and go to it via an email link. About once a week i will check the articles and featured discussions, really interesting links. Really love how if there is something worrying me I can post into our thread and someone always answers.x

  • I found it through Google when i searched for 'due in May 2016'. I like it because it is easy to use - I have never posted on forums before.

    I tend to check it out after receiving an email notification. However since using it I am more likely to click on old threads in a google search, e.g when I'm googling "feeling better at 12 weeks" for reassurance! 

    I only hang out in the May 2016 birth club & haven't looked at latest posts before, although I will now!!

    This is the only forum I post on & I really like the way it is laid out, plus the friendly tone of the admins! 

  • 1. I was googling different websites to talk about my TTC issues and after looking at a few this one just seemed more friendly, honest and trustworthy. 

    2. When I first joined I used to read the latest posts then there were three that I stuck with - baby dust, tww, ovulation test strips. the ladies that had the same issues as me really helped me out and I feel like as I progressed in my journey I could help others. All the ladies I was close to in those groups - supersquish, squeak, pooks, teabag, are all now in due in groups so I like to keep up to date with their progress and also everyone in my due in Jan group. 

    3. Due in jan

    4. I do every now and again to see if there's anyone that I might be able to offer advice to. I can only ever get the competitions page to load properly if I click the link at the bottom of latest posts so that's another reason I click on there. 

  • 1. I found it by looking for other mums to talk to.

    2. Emails about a reply, to ask a question or to see if i can give any advice to anyone else.

    3. I like to have a look around at other chats or comps.

    4. I always look at new discussions and have found alot of information i cannot find anywhere else online. 

  • Oooh lots of lovely replies - thank you thank you! 

    Those of you who don't look at Latest Posts, I hope we can twist your arm and persuade you to check them out. Danielle and I start new threads every day - on all sorts of subjects (like the one about toddler tagging today) - and we'd love you as many of you as possible to join in and post on them. They're usually good fun/nice and controversial.

    Also, sometimes on Latest Posts, you can spot a newbie who's desperate for a reply but hasn't got one yet - and we'd be made up if you could say hello to any newbie you see. After all, we were all newbies once!

    AND Latest Posts is where you can see the call outs for product tests we're doing (there's one coming later this week). We'd hate for anyone to miss out on those!

    Please do keep the replies coming! It's all so helpful...

  • Hello ladies, let me see if I can answer these without getting lost!

    1) I found made for mums when I was having pregnancy symptoms very early on. We had been trying since January 14 and this was around April 14 and I wanted to hear other people's experiences and what they went through. 

    2) I mainly return when I get an email notification or if I have a question for the my due in January 15 page as these ladies all go through the same thing. I used to read through all the forums but I never get as much time these days and it actually slips my mind!

    3) same as above. Tend to stick to babies my Little ones age group.

    4) I stopped checking the latest posts as awful as it sounds because it annoyed me when there was so many people that had viewed the post and not a single answer to a potentially worried person! So I would only go on if I thought I could help (I'm too soft!) 

  • 1) founf mfm (when it was be) from a google search looking for info following my 1st mc. Beem a regular ever since.

    2) i check in once I receive e-mail notification of a reply on a thread i'm following.

    3/ 4) i used to always check the latest posts section after i ad read my followed threads to see if there was any threads i might be able to offer some advice / support on. Since baby arrived I have not done this though as been too busy / tired so have just been checking in on the mc thread & sept babies thread.

  • 1. Googling for 2WW Symptoms!

    2. Forum reply notifications, and then if I have 5 mins spare to check out other threads

    3. My excellent group: Due in December 2015!

    4. After I have caught up with my thread, I do tend to look at the 'Most Active threads' and the 'Latest Posts' and I sometimes post responses there too...particularly in the TTC after miscarriage type posts as I have experience of that..

  • I found this site when I first found out I was pregnant in May via Google I believe, I looked a lot of other sites as well during that time because i was an absolute mess coming to terms with actually being pregnant, the fact that nearly every post is answered and it has regular members made me make an account. 

    I really only come on here now if I get an email notification on the threads that I'm a part of, before I used to be on here every day checking the lastest threads in pregnancy when I was still really worried. 

    I only really talk on the due in January thread, sometimes I go onto the latest ones and see if I've had any experiences that I can help other members with. 

    I usually check latest now when I'm really bored at work but besides that I just stick with my birth club. 

  • Haha at you checking Latest when you're bored at work, jojofrog. Excellent!

    Essie86: totally get what you're saying about feeling annoyed that no one has replied to a post in Latest. I think what tends to happen is, people open the thread and then think, 'Ooh, I'm not sure what to say about that one - I don't know enough about that'. They're not deliberately not replying; they just don't know what to say!

    But you know what? Sometimes the person who hasn't got a reply yet really appreciates someone else saying a simple hello and I don't know the answer but I didn't want you to feel ignored. I know someone said that to me when I first posted on a forum (many moons ago) and I've never forgotten how kind that was...

  • Yeah i think that too Helen - I'm like the second part of that message, I tend to read and if I can't help offer a hello or a well wish depending on the nature of the comment :)

  • Oh that's lovely, Essie86 - thank you! It makes such a difference.

    PS Have you seen that you could win a Stokke Crusi over here?

  • Just saw and commented. When's the closing date? there isn't a link for the T&C's?

  • Ooh thanks, Essie86 - we've put that link in now. The closing date is this Thursday 22nd, I believe, so if you know anyone who'd like to enter, tell em to get their skates on!

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