Hi.  I'm 19 . I started my period September 6 and was 12 days late . just started bleeding yesterday . I am really worried . before I started bleeding I took a test and it came up positive with a faint line . went to Dr and sane thing . took a test yesterday again and positive with a faint line . last night I had really bad cramps and blood was kind of dark but lighter blood stream then regular period and no cloths . this morning my test came back negative :/ what do you guys think ? 


  • Call your GP or the Early Pregnancy Unit at your local hospital xx

  • Hi folks! I'm due my cycle tomorrow but took a test but very very faint could I be pregnant? Need to wait a few days and test again? Thanks.

  • Can someone please tell me if it's normal to spot more then once I am six weeks pregnant this is my first and am worried sick my midwife come out on Monday so I was gonna wait and ask her then?

  • Leah - if you are really worried, call your local EPU at the hospital! Always trust your instinct and remember that it is best to be safe. Good luck xx And for when you start feeling your baby move, I suggest you follow Count the kicks. (Website or facebook page)

    All the best! x

  • My name is samantha im 21 years old me and my husband are trying to conceive !! But on march 20 i started to have pink spotting and the next day i have bright red blood like a regular period but I'm not supposed to get my period until March 26th so I got my period 6 days early??? Is there any chance I could possibly be pregnant

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