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Help! Tell us how you keep your kids entertained in the summer hols and on rainy days


We're looking for some help from you lovely people, please!

We need lots of brilliant/easy/creative/imaginative ideas for keeping kids entertained in the summer holidays and on rainy days (or both – they do tend to coincide a bit, don't they?).

And we're hoping you have a few up your sleeves that you could share with us.

Now, we know it's December and your thoughts are all full of Christmassy things, rather than summer holiday things, so we do have £30 of shopping vouchers to wave under your noses as a bit of a stop-and-think-about-summer-please incentive.

Anyone who posts a good suggestion for keeping kids entertained in the summer hols and/or on rainy days will have their name put in the prize draw hat to win the £30 shopping vouchers.

And the more times you post, the more times your name will go in the hat (so increasing your chances of winning).

Right, over to you! Good luck!


  • Hmmm, a good old tub of play doh is always great, but what's even better is making your own play doh! We have this 'no bake' recipe to make it and it's fantastic, and the kids love making all diff colours, really fun (if a bit messy).

    Glitter is banned in our house (Once left my mum babysitting and came home to find a glitter explosion had occured) but on the very rare occassion it makes an appreance, my girls LOVE glitter tattoos.

    They also love playing with my make up brushes, and pretending to 'face paint' me. They also love real face paint too, of course!

    I've taken to printing off colouring pages online too, i ask my girl what she's into and hey presto!

    Always baking - though i always end up eating the goodies!

    I'll be interested to see what others recommend too, cause my eldest is very needy of 'entertaining'.

  • We like duvet days - dark room, blanket, couple of movies and a big bag of popcorn.

    We also like to make up dance routines.

    We also have this thing through my eldests school called Education City which we use on the computer - brilliant educational (very heavy on the learning!) and fun too.

  • My toddler is 2, on Rainey days we generally have a pj day, activity wise he likes to paint, play with play doh or just chill out with a Disney film. Building blocks are a fave tooimage

  • Hi every1 I have an 8year old a 3year old and a 1 year old . So they all like different things to do . My 8 year old is quick easy she's play in her room on a wet day on her tablet r colouring . If she's a little bore she's bring in her 3year old sister and dress her up with a face full of make up 😗 lol my lily girl loves this lol . And she's a real fan of barbie so I'm lucky she's play for hours with them ni my 1year old is a big harder he's watch TV for a little bit them play with his we ball then food bootle nap up again TV ect keeps him happy . So that r my kids get there day in . Xxx

  • I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and now a new born, I try to spilt the time with days out and days at home.

    days out could be trips to the local beach, park, soft play and some times of money allows we will stay away for 1 night in a premeire inn and go to a zoo 

    days at home are filled with arts and crafts, cooking, movies and roll play And in the garden when weather allows For a picnic and splash in the paddling pool 

    my boys love dressing up and playing and we get involved as well, ok so the outfits don't fit right and we might look silly but it makes they happy, so it makes us happy.

    you don't need to spend loads of huge days out just let you imagination run wild and the possibilitys are endless...

  • We just run riot. Baking, dvds, drawing and painting, singing dancing, toys out, house a complete mess........whatever makes them happy!

  • We like to build forts and we also do a lot of arts and crafts. I'm big into pintrest so I'm always looking for cheap and fun crafts. Our latest was Christmas tree ornaments made from a stick and different green ribbons. Different sizes big on the bottom to small all just tied onto the stick to make a tree! I am also a baker so I try to teach them math and chemistry while baking cupcakes ! Homemade stamps are always fun too potatoes or spongea cut to shape then paint and stamp! Hope some of these help you all out!!!image

  • Thanks all for posting your thoughts - we've loved reading them.
    We've picked a name from the hat, and the winner is (drum roll) LH86!We'll drop you a private message to grab your details to send your voucher too.

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  • Well done huni xx

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