Would you – and your child – like to test some toys for us? Then read this!


We're looking for some babies and children – and some camera-canny mums and dads – to test out some toys for MadeForMums.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you'd be interested in (we can't pay you, we're afraid, but, if you're chosen for to test some toys, you would get to keep them afterwards), then please send us a 30-second video clip of your child playing with, and (if they’re old enough) talking about, a toy.

Important bits: the clip can be taken on video camera or a phone but must be landscape (horizontal view) and no longer than 30 seconds. Your child must be under 11 years old.

Please email the video clip to us at [email protected] by 4 Jan 2016, telling us your child’s name and his/her age.

Thanks very much!




  • Do we just take a video of them playing with anything?? Any toy in particular or anything specific. I have a 8 month old and a 3 year old. Thanks

  • Yep, just anything, 3054. It's just so the folks who are picking the testers can get a feeling for how your child comes across on video.

    But only 30 seconds please! We're not asking for a feature film or anything (that WOULD be hard work...)

  • Great thanks 

  • Lovely! Sounds like fun! 😊 will do that this weekend 😊 xx

  • Hey I'm new to this & would just like to ask a question. Im having cramps this last week I went to the doctors on Thursday he did not do a test because he said it might be too early. Im two days late on my period. I tryed my own test on Thursday but both came back neg. Iv got all symptoms off my period but im not bleeding. Should I take another test? And could I be pregnant? image

  • Do you still want these videos? Never got around to it over Christmas.

  • Hi Tinaxo. Welcome to MadeForMums! We're sorry you haven't had a reply to your question - it's probably because you've posted in the middle of a discussion about toy-testing (don't worry - these things are easily done!). Do please feel free to post again in our Pregnancy topic, where there are loads of folk who know good, helpful stuff about pregnancy tests.

    3054: Yes please! Do send a video in if you'd still like to - we'd love to see some more!

  • I have four children and 6 grandchildren and one on the way about July time x

  • Hi Rollo, that's quite a brood you have there, how wonderful! If you'd like to enter any your chldren to be testers for us, please do just send in a 30second video of them - we'd love to see it!

  • Hi...I have a doubt n confusion..my new born baby (by today 12 days will complete) he is crying due to my milk digestion to him...so can I use Woodward's to him ?? Please clarify ...m waiting

  • Hi Kanne143, you happened to have posted on an old thread, which is really easily done, but might we suggest you start a new thread with your question in? Just press the pink 'Start a thread button' .

  • Hi everyone, we've noticed this old thread is still active so we're going to lock it now as at this time, we're not currently recruiting toy testers. 

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