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Pop ups!!

having loads of trouble getting on here the last few days! I keep getting redirected from page or a pop takes over. Can this be resolved please!!!!



  • I had that yesterday evening aswell, I cleared my cookies then it seemed to be ok.  

  • Hi Libragirl2015 and Meme210, hmmm that doesn't right at all. We're going to see what we can figure out as soon as we're back in the office on Tuesday and report back. Sorry about this but please do bear with us.

  • Hi again Libragirl2015 and Meme210, would you mind eversomuch giving me the following info please..?

    What devices are you using - phone, tablet or computer? If phone, please can you let us which type of phone?
    What is the pop up you're seeing? If you could tell us what the pop up says or if there's an advert attached to it, that would be really helpful.
    Finally, what page are you being redirected to?

    Thanks so much!

  • iPhone 6splus.  And I think it redirected via a bet page then to a page that came up with sky in the address bar but I didn't really look I realised it was wrong and shut it down each time as quick as possible.  I was also connected to Facebook so wasn't sure if it was something to do with that too.  After I cleared my cookies it didn't happen again.  

  • I've had a game pop up and more annoyingly Im occasionally redirected to an App Store for a free download. I'm using an iPhone. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does it can take like 10 attempts to get on site. Been using iPad this evening and so far seems ok. I know some of the girls on the due in July forum have had the same issue too x

  • Ah yes I had the free app thing the first few times aswell 

  • Hello everyone. Thanks so much for telling us all about this - we're on the case trying to find out what's going on.

    In the meantime, if any of you come across anything like this again and can take a screenshot of what you're seeing, it would be brilliant if you could please come and post the screenshot on this thread, so that we can see more clearly what's happening.

    That would be SUPER helpful!

  • It hasn't happened to me since and I visited the site quite alot last night 

  • Oh, really good to know, Meme210 - thank you.

    The more you keep telling us what's happening for you, folks, the quicker we can get to the bottom of this.

  • imageThis is what happens when ur redirect. Thought maybe it was due to 4g as when I was home last night using wifi it was fine but today it's been random at different points through the day even with 4g one time it's fine then it takes 10 attempts x

  • image This is what ur redirected to

  • imageThis is the game pop up x

  • It's happening to me too using both Google app and safari  taken at least 20 attempts to put this on here

    image image image image

    image image image image

  • Thanks so much everyone (and gah at 20 mins to do it all, Meme210!)

    This is all HUGELY helpful (and definitely shouldn't be happening).

    We'll get on to identifying the problem and fixing it as soon as we can. Given that it's the Bank Hol, and Dani and I are going to need some help from people with a bit more techie knowledge than we have, we probably won't be able to sort it today. But we will keep you updated as soon as we find out more.

    In the meantime, do please keep posting here if you come across any other weirdnesses. 

    And huge apols that this is all getting in the way of you being able to use Chat properly.

  • Hi,

    I keep getting the same, even clicking cancel does not help, I get directed to the free App Store, William hill, ladrokes and skybet.

    Helen, as I said only on iPhone but ok from iPad and laptop (you have my photos, sorry iPad and phone not linked so I can't repost.

  • Thanks so much, sair3108.

    And actually, your post has reminded me to ask you all another question: what exactly are you doing when you get these pop ups/redirects?

    Are you logging in?

    Or visiting the MadeForMums home page?

    Or trying to post a message?

    Or trying to open a thread?

    Or something else?

    Or does it just happen whenever you visit MFM, whatever you're trying to look at?

  • Pretty much whatever I try it does it. Tried going in through history, through bookmark and from Google. Sometimes it allows me to click from homepage to latest chat and then redirects sometimes as soon as the homepage pops up its gone straightaway. im home now on wifi and seems ok so not sure if it's an issue just when using for 4g or an issue that seems to settle late afternoon time. 

  • OK, thanks Libragirl2015 - sounds VERY frustrating! We're so sorry.

    All your info is brilliantly helpful, though :)

  • I'm the same as Libragirl2015. I'm pretty much logged in the whole time but have tried to go to a followed thread via homepage, and also via chat link on Google. I've also gone to main homepage and tried to read an article and same thing, I've deleted cookies and browser history, added app restrictions on my phone settings but nothing works.

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