Lovely/funny/difficult/amazing TTC, pregnancy and parenting stories: have you got one to share?

Hi everyone

Every day, we’re amazed, amused and touched by the things you post on our forum. So many of you have experiences of trying for a baby, being pregnant, giving birth or adjusting to life as a mum that have made us laugh, cry, gasp, applaud – sometimes all at once!

So much so, in fact, that we’d like to gather some of them together in articles we can share on the rest of our site – so other mums and mums-to-be can read them and laugh/cry/gasp/applaud too.

If you’d had an unusual/interesting/difficult/funny TTC, pregnancy or parenting experience that you’d like to share, please do let us know.

Maybe you’ve had a real struggle conceiving but got a positive almost as you gave up trying? Maybe you’ve finally had a baby after a series of miscarriages? Maybe you’ve got into labour somewhere unusual? Or given birth to a boy when you were expecting a girl?

Or maybe you’ve got another tale to tell?

If you’d like to share an experience like this with us, please do post a reply on this thread – just a sentence or two about your experience will do, and then we’ll get in touch to find out more.

Thanks so much!



  • My story is only short but it goes something like this....

    I'd had a few long term relationships from the age of 19 and put having children on the back burner and had a fun time. I finally bought a house and settled down with my partner of 3 years but it was shortlived. By this time I had reached age 30 and was starting again. I started panicking that I'd not find someone to settle down with in time to have children but I met a fabulous man and we settled down once again. Children were constantly on my mind and ruled my life and almost damaged our relationship due to my obsession. We got engaged at Christmas 2015 and started with the wedding plans but I had a heart to heart with my OH and we decided to start a family in July. We tried the first month and caught immediately with my first baby and I was overjoyed was shortlived.... 

    After everything I lost my baby.  I was utterly heartbroken.  I did much research and found that the majority of people miscarry their first.  It helped heal me quickly as all I wanted was to get back to being pregnant and a mummy again.  

    My dream came true.  Just 3 weeks after miscarriage we caught on immediately again and I'm now almost 13 weeks pregnant.  My scan is on Monday.  I'll hopefully be seeing something that's baby resembling and not a blob anymore....

    I hope my story fills you with hope and at the same time happiness for me that I've finally moved on with my life at 38 and it's all possible to have the baby I've always dreamed of.....


  • Hi All, I'm a mum of 2 and I want to share my pregnancy stories with you. 

    Well I don't do the whole being pregnant easy at all.  My first baby Neve was born in 2009 and from the day I found out I was pregnant I had terrible morning sickness. I was in and out of hospital from 7 weeks pregnant due to Hyperamesis, then at 9 weeks pregnant while still in hospital being treated for this I had a massive blood clot called a pulmonary embolism, well this almost killed both me and my baby, I spent 3 days in intensive care and ended up having 3 blood transfusions due to the amount of blood I lost, while in intensive care my consultant came to do a scan because of my blood loss and we were worried that due to the trauma my body was going through that I had miscarried  no there my little bean was wiggling away. Due to this I was put on 4 blood thinning injections a day, it was hard but I copied, my pregnancy continued and at 39 weeks after having contractions I was induced due to my blood thinning injections and my little girl weighing 8lb 3oz was born after a 4 and a 1/2hr Labour with Gas, Air and Pethadine. 

    Myself and my partner decided one baby would be enough but as the years went on I had a yearning to be a mummy again, plus our daughter kept telling us how lonely she was and she wanted a baby brother or sister, so when she turned 3 we decided to try again and after 3 years of trying and almost giving up we conceived our little boy in 2015. Due to my past history I was put on blood thinners again but thankfully only 1 injection a day this time. Again I suffered morning sickness but thankfully this time I wasn't admitted to hospital. My pregnancy progresses and at 24 weeks I went to the Drs feeling unwell, they checked the usual and it turned out my BP was slightly raised and I had Sugar in my urine, so a GTT was done and it turned out I had gestat diabetes 😕 I felt like I was the unluckiest person in the world, so I changed my diet, and started my daily finger pricking and recording, 4 weeks into doing that I was put on insulin as my sugar levels were still high 😩 I was devistated to say the least and felt I was letting my baby down. Due to being Insulin controlled I was admitted for induction at 38weeks. After a Labour of 1 hour and 10 minutes with just Gas and Air we welcomed our little Boy into the world weighing 8lb 12.5oz!! 

    So as you can see I definitely wouldn't win any prizes for the worlds easiest pregnancy but giving birth for me is most definitely the easy part. Thankfully I am now diabetes free and my youngest is almost 14months, and I'm getting super broody again lol!! So maybe time to persuade the other half that we need to add another addition to the family, unless I can persuade him that a puppy would be a good idea 😊 

    Everyone has different pregnancies and even though mine have been terribke I'd do it all again xx

  • Hi, my story is complicated but probably not unusual. 

    Back in 2012 we got married after 12 years together and shortly after we decided to start ttc. However after 6 months the off the pill my periods still hadn't returned and there was no sign of a baby. After a blood test and phone calls from the dr and hospital I was diagnosed with high prolactin caused by a prolactinoma. Like most people I'd never heard of it and had no clue what was going on. 

    Short explanation - prolactinoma is a benign tumour of the pituitary gland, which raises the hormone prolactin. This in turn affects your fertility by stopping periods/ovulation and if it grows too big can damage your eyesight. There are 3 main types micro (under 10mm) macro (over 10mm) and giant. 

    Anyway I found out I had a macro tumour of 20mm and a prolactin level of 37,000 ( UK normal is under 500) and I now had to endure daily medication to try and get the hormones under control and shrink the tumour. Long story short I was diagnosed in February 2013 and started meds straight away, I did 1 year on the first type then switched to my current type when my progress stalled. By November 2014 my levels were down to around 950 and the tumour had shrunk slightly to 17mm all good but still no sign of a baby. It was the hardest few years of not only dealing with the diagnosis of a long term health condition but the overwhelming desire for a baby. No one tells you how hard it will be seeing babies and prams everywhere, or having people ask all the time when your going to start a family, as if it were that easy. 

    Then finally in Jan 2015 we found out we were pregnant, at last. Yes it was complicated as I had more hospital appointments and I had to stay on the Meds but luckily it was a really easy pregnancy. Whatever else was going on at least I could do this well, no sickness or heartburn, no swollen ankles or backache. Then at 34 +3 weeks I did have backache, just backache, little did I know. From Monday morning through to Tuesday uncomfortable backache, went to the midwife she was happy and just referred me for pyhiso. By Tuesday evening thought I should get it checked out so went to out of hours GP, he thought I had a uti but sent me round to the delivery suite to get a check over and some pain relief. They put me on a monitor and gave me 2 paracetamol then all hell broke lose. The nurse pressed the big red button as baby wasn't happy and everyone rushed in, the dr took 1 look downstairs and said "your 10cms, your waters are about to go and baby is breech" and with that my waters went. What happened next is a bit of a blur but suffice to say that not long after my son was born naturally in theatre, all 5lb 13oz of him. It all happened so quick but it is quite a story. Saw the gp at 19.10, delivery suite at 20.10 and born at 21.22.

    What followed was 12 days of nicu and driving back and forth from the hospital to be with our little man. He is now a very healthy and happy 16 months old and the light of our lives. We feel so lucky to have him especially with everything we've been through but we are now trying for number 2 as my consultant has given me the ok to try again. So far not great as I had a miscarriage 3 weeks before Christmas but that's not going to stop me yet from trying again. We are lucky to have the one we have but that doesn't stop the need for another but we won't try forever, i'm not getting any younger (I'm 34) and I don't want to go through lots of miscarriages.

    So it may not be the story book tale of ttc, pregnancy and birth but it is mine and if I can help 1 person feel less alone my job is done. Xxxx

  • Hey

    So I'm currently 20 +3 with my 1st, which to me now seems to be the perfect time.

    Mine all starts a number of years ago when I was planning to get married to my now Ex-Husband, I had been on all manner of different contraceptions over the years but mainly staying on the injection or the implant. I came off contraception a few months before the wedding thinking yeah I want to start a family now - I always had but Uni and Finances meant I waited.

    So 6 months later - i had painful and totally erratic periods so went to the docs. They sent me for tests and low and behold I had PCOS. I hadn't known because of the contraception and there were no other effects that came out at that time. In addition to my tests the ex had tests and had a low count. At this point we were told "there is little or no chance of a natural conception" and to prepare for having to have IVF.  At this point I gave up - they told me I had to lose 7 stone to have IVF - now I was a big girl but losing 7 stone would take me down to a weight I had never been in my adult life. So I kept hoping it would happen naturally- months and then years went by with a few occasions where I thought oooohhh could I be and then the test was negative.

    So it came to a point where I was not happy in myself and thought right stage 1 try and lose weight - in the next 12 months I lost 5 stone, found some confidence I had not seen since my teens and really looked at my life and where I was.

    Unfortunately for us I decided I was not happy in the relationship and called it a day, shock to the OH at first but then I think he saw it coming too. We couldn't handle the pressure together any more.

    Any way I met someone new, totally different from the Ex. I was blissfully happy. We had chatted about kids and I had told him that I had been told that there was little chance of us ever having them together naturally. He wasn't too bothered as he already has kids, but knew that I wanted kids so said if we work out etc then we could look into it down the line and if not we could adopt. I thought WOW I have a keeper here. A few months later we are sat chatting and he says to me "are you sure you aren't pregnant, you're acting weird and you are late". I hadn't even realised as "late periods" weren't an issue for me with periods coming anywhere between 26 and 130 days, but then I realised I had been more regular since losing weight.

    I got all moody and said I will do a test to prove you wrong cos it simply can't happen - anyway lets just say I was in shock when all the lines came up. I cried - in happiness, anger (that he was right and I didn't know my body) and utter shock. We had only been together a few months .... the timing was all wrong.... what if something bad happens ..... were all thoughts that flashed through my mind.

    We were both in shock for a while - then we had the first scan and it all became super real ! now we couldn't be happier and are praying for a happy health baby which we will raise together because even though its a new relationship - it just feels right, like we have been together for years and years.

    So happy ending so far to a relatively weird story !! and miracles do happen xx

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to drop by and say a huge thank you for sharing your stories - they are all unique and wonderful. We're going to pass this thread over to our editorial team now, and thank you again! 

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