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Please tell us how we could make our Chat forum better!

Hi everyone.

We may be getting the chance to improve the MadeForMums Chat Forum and make posting here a bit easier. And we want to hear from you about any changes or improvements you would like to see on the forum. 

Please use this thread to come and tell us about anything that you think would make the forum work better for you. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

All ideas and comments are welcome, so please do tell us what you want, by posting a reply to this thread. 


  • The posting has a weird format/autocorrect thing that totally changes words, I think that could be better.

    also the ability to @ people to tag them, so they get a notification you’ve replied directly to them without having to PM as the answer may be useful to others 

  • I’d love it if this was an app rather than having to go through email and stuff likely not something that can be done but that would make life so much easier that way you can be notified Straight away when someone reply’s on the forum 

  • I honestly love it as it is !! I seldom have any problems and if I do you sort them very quickly 😊 I’ve been on here for 3& 1/2 years I think so can’t think of anything I’ve had issues with! That’s got to be a good thing:)

    The one thing I would say is if someone pms me there’s no photos that can be sent via that?( unless I’m mistaken and I’ve just not sussed it 🙈) if I’m trying to give advice and think I’ll send a piccie I can’t. That’s my only thoughts. The sight truly is amazing and helpful as it is 👍🏻

  • I love it for the most part. But I would like to receive notifications when there are new replies in a thread I am part of, or to be able to tag people when answering them, so they get a notification.. Also by notification, I don't mean by email, but maybe in the corner of the screen, like on facebook and it links you right the the conversation. Thanks for hearing us :)

  • Thanks so much everyone, this is SO helpful! Also, don't forget to check latest posts, we have free tickets to The Baby Show. 

    Please keep the feedback coming!

  • Just being able to edit what I've written if after I've posted there's a spelling mistake or something doesn't make sense. So many times there's extra posts just because something is wrong on the 1st, other than that it's fine for me. 

  • adding pictures to private messages. Editing posts after doing and notifications not just via email. Also when private messaging can the latest message come at the top and not the bottom as you have to scroll all the way down!! X

  • Hi,

    I don't know about anyone else but maybe if you've read a post recently then possibly change the thread to a different colour, as I find myself reading the same threads as they all have similar titles. When someone posts on the thread then it can go back to the original colour....  other than that it's great!!!! 

  • This is really helpful - please keep the thoughts coming - we hugely appreciate it! 

  • I find quite often when ive written words, they get changed to something completely different or deleted. 

    an app for the forum would be helpful not having to go onto the internet directly.

    you move us onto a new thread quickly which is great as we do tend to talk so much :)  a great forum that has helped me so much over the last 2 years :D 

  • Would love to be able to upload videos.

    also like the idea of a tag so you can reply to some directly in a birth group without a pm.

    I think you should have to be a signed in member to access the birth groups. Alot of personal info and photos are shared in there. I know this is our choice but may encourage more people to access them if they didn’t think anybody could just follow the thread or read/see the photos! 

  • Fixing the weird auto correct spelling issues 

  • I love the forum but agree that an app would make sense and also an edit function... im terrible for typos and auto-correct fails and it would be good to be able to fix this without reposting xxx

  • Specifically within the Due In groups, I really miss the old formats where you posted topics within each Due In group. It's so hard to keep on top of posts, and impossible if you've missed a few days, to respond to everything without having to scroll up and sometimes on previous pages to remember all of the bits your replying to. And it's even worse if you need/want to find something that was previously wrote, like the Due date/gender lists. Important bits get lost in the hundreds of comments 

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to say thank you all so much for your feedback. We're taking on board all your comments, and wanted to let you know to watch this space early 2019....we'll have some exciting news for you about the forum! 

    If there's anything else you would like to add to this list of things you'd like to see on the forum, please do let us know! 

  • I do habe a couple of issues lol. The cookie choices tab is in the way it moves when u scroll and gets in the way when typing co wrong some of the text.  I am also struggling to upload a pic. I can search a pic just once, upload it but it doesn't attach then I try again and the camera logo doesn't work. 

  • Hey Susie, always lovely to hear from you. Thanks so much for all your comments - we're going to actually be rolling our a forum upgrade in about 4/5 weeks, and we'll be testing a new beta forum which will hopefully sort all the points you mention above. 

    Also, we're going to be looking for regular forum users to be our beta testers, so watch this space! We'll be calling on your expertise soon! 

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