Would you like the chance to review and keep this Mothercare Tulsa high back booster car seat?

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Hello everyone! 

Would you like the chance to review and keep this Mothercare Tulsa ISOFIX high back booster car seat worth £120? To be in with a chance of reviewing and keeping it, please tell us on this thread: what has been your favourite nappy cream and why? Please scroll to the bottom of this page to post your comments. 

This carseat is suitable from 9-36kg, which is approx 9 months to 12 years. You can read all about it here

A winner will be selected at random from all those who post here over the next week.
We will close this thread on Tuesday 11 June. Please note, if you are selected as the winner, we will need you to write a short review once you’ve tested the Motherecare Tulsa car seat. 

We look forward to reading your nappy cream reviews. Any questions, just post them here on this thread. 

*Please note, this car seat is in brand new condition but has previously been removed from its box. 


  • My favourite nappy cream is Sudacrem. It’s a nice, thick consistency and smells lovely. I love that they do several sized tubs so I take the tiny one out in our nappy bag with us and leave a big tub at home. 
    It always keeps any nappy rash at bay. If I see any red rashes appearing, I pop some sudacrem on and the redness disappears within a few changes. 
    Although Metanium got us out of a bad rash when little lady was a newborn, it’s very yellow and stains so I love the continued use of sudacrem. 
  • I swear by Metanium and then Vaseline on top. I wouldn’t use cream after every change and only treat if they get a rash which thankfully has been rarely.
  • Our favorite nappy cream is asdas little angels nappy cream. Love the smell of it but most important I love how well protected the skin is and how good value for price it is. Sudocream also makes wonders as well as olive oil and breast milk 😊
  • Our favourite by far is Sudacreme. It’s not at all oily or greasy and it works every tine. I love that it’s been around for so long and is such a trusted product. We’ve used both the little tube and the mini tub for convenience in the changing bag and have the bigger tub at home. It’s been excellent for our boy who has eczema, especially with his little chubby legs having so many folds. 

    I also love how good it is with spots when I get a flare up after a bad nights sleep 

  • We’ve been really lucky with nappy rash (touch wood!) and haven’t had to use cream more than five times but I found benthapen the best. It’s not too thick and it seems to sort the problem out within one or two applications. I like the fact it doesn’t really have a scent and it doesn’t take ages to get off. 
  • Definitely Sudacrem for us. We tried a couple of others, but I felt they were too thin and not as affective. I like the thick consistency and prefer having a tub to a tube! 
  • Metanium all the way it was the only thing that worked for stubborn nappy rash for us. 
  • My son has a dairy intolerance and suffers with nappy rash whenever he eats anything with dairy in. I have tried many creams and find that sudocream works brilliantly as a barrier cream but the only thing that helps when it is really bad is Metanium. A little bit goes a long way and his nappy rash clears up quickly. 
  • Bepanthen. Lucky we don't have to use it very often but love that it's in a tube and not a tub. Always find using a tub it gets in my nails and can be hard to get out! 🤪
  • Has to Metanium, I really rated both Sudacream and Bepanthen as they both worked well with my son and we found them to be effective at keeping nappy rash at bay. That was until we had our daughter and we knew what proper nappy rash was. Poor baby had constipation issues and was also retaining her poo due to the rash which had developed, which was open, weapy and bleeding. She was in so much pain and neither Sudacream nor Bepanthen would help so we tried Metanium. Found it to be really useful, seemed to calm the rash down and her skin started to repair itself. A much happier baby once she realised that her constipation and scorching sore bottom had gone. Absolute winner for us. 
  • Aveeno is my favourite nappy cream. It heals nappy rash faster than any other cream I’ve tried and having 6 children I’ve tried a lot of nappy creams! It smells lovely, has a lovely smooth texture and absorbs into the skin so quickly. I’ve also changed from my expensive moisturiser to using this cream as a moisturiser on my face as it makes my skin lovely and soft and makes me look a lot younger and fresher than my expensive moisturiser ever did. Wish I’d found Aveeno years ago!
  • Car seat looks great. Main nappy rash cream for us has been bepanthan - easy to apply and doesn't stain. Works well. 
  • Bepanthen has been our go to nappy cream for all 4. It's a nice squeezey tube, so no digging out of pots. It spreads lovely on the skin, not clumping. I dont find it greasy either. We also use it as a moisturiser if baby has a dry spot and on my husbands many tattoos to help heal. It also doesn't transfer onto the nappy stopping absorption like other brands do.
  • Sudocrem!!! Amazing!!! Not just a nappy rash cream but an all round cream. Great for cuts, scrapes, bruises etc. Not just for babies but an all round family must have!
  • I have got to say with my boy every nappy change we just popped on a tiny bit of Vaseline and he very rarely even got nappy rash! But if he did, like teething times, I’d always use Sudocrem, and it’d clear right up.
  • I really like bepanthan. I think it works really well to protect our boys bottom from damp and also has antifungal benefits. It's also a really nice texture and not super messy
  • Hi everyone, thanks for leaving all your comments about nappy creams.
    The winner and reviewer of this car seat is @Mumforthefun
    Please look out for an email from colleague Sabrina. 
    We're going to close this thread now. 
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