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Tell MadeForMums: Black Friday shopping; what are you looking out for?

Hello everyone, 

We'd love to ask you about Black Friday shopping. Are you waiting to buy anything special during Black Friday this month? If so, please do tell us what you're on the lookout for. Also, do you bulk buy anything during Black Friday too (like wipes, nappies etc?)

Please do let us know by posting a reply to this thread - we'd love to hear from you. 


  • I want a TV with build up DVD for my son's bedroom and laptop for my older boy.
    Also I am always looking for a good deal for skin care and makeup. 
    And this year will keep an eye on baby products too. 
  • I don't normally black Friday shop, but I'm getting DH a Nordic track treadmill this year so I'm waiting for black Friday sales. I think we are going to buy a TV too. Who knows what else we might score, but those are the only things on our "list"
  • I have been looking at a buggy board for my little boy to use for when my newborn arrives hoping it is going to be on a Black Friday deal ☺️ X 
  • i normally dont do black Friday sorry :(
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