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MadeForMums would love to know, did you child go back to school today?

Hi everyone,

We know today, some of you may have sent your baby or child back to school or nursery and we'd love to ask you about this.

Firstly has your child gone back? If they have returned, were there many others? How was the school gate? What rules/new ways of learning are happening at your school or nursery?

Anything else you'd like to tell us, please do - we would love to hear from you. 


  • My daughter is in year one and she went back to school on monday. In all honesty I would rather have her at home but home educating four children and until last week i was still going out to work. We are quite isolated as a family, my parents live in florida and my partners parents live 3.5 hours away so we have no older people in our day to day lives. We are fit and healthy too. We decided to try it as my daughter really misses school

    she has 630 children in her school, 90 per year. In total only 90 children have returned for year 1, reception, year 6 and key workers. She has 8 children in her class, she is super pleased to have her very own desk to sit at and that she doesnt have to share an ipad. I think she will benefit from the small class size, normally there are 30 children. And help her sleep.

    my year six daughter has also returned she actually goes to a different school, 20 children out of 60 in her year have returned. I had different reasons for sending her back. She is going to a different secondary school to her friends so its a last chance to say goodbye. I also felt that she will be old enough to remember and when her kids and grandkids learn about coronavirus she will be able to tell them what it was like. Both schools have been great with carefully organised pick up and drop off. The children are happy so far and as long as the death rate doesnt increase massively i feel my children are safe. I did not send my 3 year old back to nursery i feel he is still a baby. He cant social distance and he has no understanding. I have left my job due to the fact my employer would not allow me to work from home (even tho my job is 90% using a computer) there was alot of pressure for me to work overtime and it was impossible to manage childcare and work. Had i continued to work my year 6 daughter could not have returned as there is no breakfast clib or kids club, i dont finish work until 5 so i would not have been able to pick her up without afterschool club.

    I feel happier as less children have returned. I think the less children there are the safer it will be and with the bonus of more personal eduction i am so for happy with our choice. 
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