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Tell MadeForMums: what are the essentials in your baby changing bag? And the other nice to haves?

DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
edited Jul 30, 2020 8:25AM in Site questions & suggestions
Hi everyone,
We would love your help with something we are putting together.

We're talking baby changing bags, but more importantly what you put inside them.

Can you please tell us the essentials you simply have to have in your baby changing bag and why, and also tell us about the other nice-to-haves in your bag too, and why you like having them?

Please do let us know by posting a reply to this thread - we'd be so grateful! 👶🎒


  • Wipes 

    Few nappies for each of the kiddos 

    Nappy bags 

    Anti bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer incase I need to wipe down a baby change station or wipe my hands if there's not a tap near by after changing baby.

    Cupple of drinks for the oldest. 

    Spare clothes 

    There red books are also in the bag so I don't forget them when I need them they are always there. 

  • Wipes 
    nappy bags
    hand sanitiser 
    drinks (juice/water for oldest and milk for baby)
    snacks for oldest
    Change of clothes in case of any accidents
    spare dummy

  • For me with one 11 month old the essentials are:
    - 4-5 nappies
    - 4-5 nappy bags
    - Full/nearly full pack of baby wipes (once it gets down to half full I swap it out for a fresh one and use the half pack at home)
    - Pack of antibacterial wipes (particularly useful for using public changing tables)
    - A little bottle of anti-bac gel (for nappy changes where there isn't any hand washing available)
    - Travel changing mat

    Additional things depending on weather, how long we'll be out for, where we're going etc:
    - Sun cream
    - Spare dummy
    - One or two full changes of clothes
    - Teether
    - One or two toys
    - Sterilised bottles + readymade formula
    - Milk/dribble bib and muslin cloth
    - Baby food, spoon, and weaning bib
    - Sun hat or winter hat/gloves
    - Jacket/Coat
    - Sippy cup with water
    - Additional bottle of water to top up the sippy cup if we'll be out for a long time without water
    - Baby + parent snacks
    - Parents drink
    - My purse
    - My phone

    The essentials are always pre-packed and I chuck whatever additional bits I need in the changing bag based on the circumstances. As a rule, I try to avoid taking the changing bag with me if I can. So if we're staying close to home or going out in the pram for 90 minutes or less then I'll normally leave it at home and go out between meals/feeds.

    But if we're going out for quite a while or far from home then I just chuck everything in there that I might need. I hate taking more than one bag too, so it doubles up as my bag when we're out and about. As a result, I had to get a big changing bag/backpack that can hold everything.

  • Nappies 
    nappy bags
    hand sanitizer
    nappy cream 
    spare set of clothing

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