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So scared of SIDS!!

Hey girls

I am writing to get my feelings out cos its driving me mad!! I have an 8 week old little girl and I am worried every second of every day that she is going to die of SIDs. It is taking over my life, so much that despite my exhaustion, I cannot sleep.

I know that the chances are pretty slim but I am in a complete panic about it. I follow all the guidelines and neither me or my partner are smokers but still I cannot stop fretting. I tried to talk to my partner about it and he said I was being pathetic and I need to chill out-maybe he is right but I cannot help it!!

Thanks for listening


  • I totally understand what you are saying. I had terrible dreams when i was pregnant about losing my little girl (now 4 weeks old) I was anxious all through my pregnancy about it. Now i wake in the night if she has not woken me for a feed, to check that she is breathing. I even woke this morning at 3am and as she had not woken me was worried that something was wrong. I have two other children but for some reason it has affected me so much more this time.
    Its easier said than done to 'chill' out isn't it!!! I have had high blood pressure since having her, part of it I think is all the stressing out.
    So rest assured you are not the only one. I think lots of people worry about it.
    Take care
  • Hi, if it is worrying you so much it might be worth investing in a sleep apnea (sp) moniter, they have a sensor pad under the mattress that detect motion and alarms if there is no movement.

    Please don think i am being out of line but it might be worth speaking to hv, its just you say its stopping you from sleeping and putting you in a complete panic and it can be a sign of post natal depression and if it is the sooner you are seen the better.

    take care

  • Hi, I would definitely recommend getting a monitor like the angelcare one, it put my mind at rest as I knw if it didnt detect the slightest movement within 20 seconds that the alarm would go off, I tested it several times so I knew it worked, I'm sure that saved my sanity. x
  • Hi. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their messages. I have now got a motion sensor in the moses basket and am hoping that this will help me to relax a bit. I also went to the doctors this morning and she diagnosed postnatal depression and has started me on anti-depressants!!

    Thanks for your support xx
  • Hi

    Im really pleased you saw your doctor im sure you will start to feel better and more in control soon and hope the motion sensor helps i'm are all here if you need a chat

  • Thanks DB. It was actually your comments that promted me to get help. I am slowly losing grip on reality and am pleased that I asked for advice on here first before I completly lost the plot.

  • Its the hardest thing in the world admitting your feelings to yourself let alone anyone else and you should be proud of yourself that you sought help.

    The best thing is that you have admitted it so early on so many mothers dont and really struggle for months, i really hope you start to feel better and enjoy your little girl

  • Glad you got help hunni, and glad you got support on here. Huge hugs to you. xx
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