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Just wont settle!!!

Hi, Can anyone offer any advice before i have another breaksown. My lo went to bed last night at 7(her usual time) but woke up at 9 screaming and nothing i did would settle her. This went on for 2 hours before i gave in and took her in my bed until she fell asleep. I just couldnt see what was wrong with her. She is almost 15 months now and has been a bit constipated so i dont know if thats what is was. Today i feel so down and want to burst into tears, (but i'm at work) Can any one suggest anything or do you think it could be a wee phase she is going through.


  • my little one was the same last night i was thinking it might be down to the hot weather
  • My lo seems to go through phases of this, she is 9 months but every now and then we have a few days where she either does not settle or wake screaming with no real clue to why.
    I do tend to give some calpol just incase it is pain of some sort, I do not dose very often but sometimes lo just seems to wind herself up even more and it is the only solution.
  • my 19m old has been the same during the hot weather, hope ur lo is ok now hun, is so tiring when they wont settle and feels like u have been awake for days. xxx
  • i had this with both of mine, 1yr and 2yr now. I just made sure they wernt thirsty, nappies needed doin etc, put a fan in there rooms and some quiet music and left them to it. if you keep giving in they will realise that if they dnt go to sleep then they will get some attention off you. Obviously dnt leave your lo crying for ages, i would say every 10-15 mins go in and just check there no to distressed. Eventually youll get a decent nights sleep. you just have to be strong
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