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10 month old still waking every few hrs please please help!!

Hi I have a beautiful 10 month old son who constantly wakes through the night crying. For the first 6 weeks of his life he cried most of the time and was diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Once his milk was changed he settled down but not his sleeping. I have tried various sleep programmes. My health visitor said if i dont lave him to cry she cant help me. The thing is he does cry and cry regardless of whether i am comforting him or not, he even does it when he sleeps with me.The longest he has slept is 4 hrs. He is now sleeping an hr and half at a time. He sleep a max of 3 hrs through the day. I have noticed that he snores very loudly and wondered if there is something bothering him. I am getting desperate as it is effecting the whole family, i also have a 2 year old. Any advice would be great xx


  • Hi Hun,

    Don't think I can give you any real advice just wanted to give you a hug.

    My little boy (who will be 2 next month) was the same in relation to his sleeping. We tried to leave him to cry but he would just go on and on and on until we gave in (we left him for 4 hours one night non-stop crying - it was totally heartbreaking).

    He is so much better now but still wakes in the night once or twice but he can talk now so if he just wants a drink it's easily sorted but I know how you feel when they can't tell you what the problem is and you just feel like you're going round in circles.

    I hope someone comes on here and can give you some advice that helps...

    Good luck...x
  • Hi Bobbysmum
    I'm not sure if I can help at all but I have a 10 month old so your posting caught my eye. Our little boy sleeps fine but when he was younger he also snored quite loudly and also suffered with the snuffles a lot so we took him to a cranial osteopath. I didnt have any real faith in them being able to help but was willing to try anything to help him - it cost us ??35 for a session and we had 3 sessions. I have to say the lady was amazing - she was able to tell all sorts of things about Ethan just from feeling his skull (id had ventouse at birth which meant his skull plates werent quite aligned properly - and she could tell this without me telling her!). He now sleeps really well so it may be worth a go? You should be able to find one near you - there is a website that has a national directory of all osteopaths that treat children, you should be able to google it.
    Hope this helps,
    Julie x
  • hiya huni

    i have a 3 year old that never sleeps she still wakes up 3/4 times a night n i have a ten week old n get very tired so i no how ur feelin with the tired ness hope everythink gets sorted soon for u
  • Now here all i can do is sympathise with you babe,
    My little boy was the same way, but it took them till he was almost 4 months before they listened and then diagnosed him with lactose intolarance, then it took them months of trying soya milk, then nutramagin before they eventualy put him on neocate which was like magic, then a month later they found that he also had reflux, i really hoped that once both were sorted the sleeping would start to sort its self out as well.

    Now here i would love to tell you it got better, but im not going to lie he still never slept, i tried to leave him crying but couldnt as it literaly never stopped wich soulds like what your we one is like as well. up intill he was one and a half i was lucky if he slept for more than two hours at a time and like you it eventualy got worse and was down to just an hour at a time, i even tried to cut out day time sleeping to see if that help but it just made things worse.
    i even tried not giving him milk at night and just gave him water in the hope that he would stop waking wanting milk but it didnt help either.

    This is the part you wont like, he was like this till he was three years old by which point i also had a four month old baby, thankfully all this baby ever done and still ever dose is sleep, she would sleep from 6.30pm - 8.30am with out ever waking from the day she was born, the hospital told me i should waker her and feed her but i though no was am i starting that, and also if she was hungry she would wake.

    It really dose take its toll, and you need as much help as you can get, i started when justin was just over two making my husband get up with him every sunday morning so i could stay in bed till i was ready to get up, as up untill then i got up every single time it was needed as i didnt want martin going to work tired, but after just over two years enough was enough, and i still have him doing it till this day. i just hope baby number three is at the worst inbetween the two.

    Is your other half helping out as much as he could be, maby you could try sending him to grannys, or an anties for a night just so you can all get a good nights sleep.

    I know this isnt a lot of help, but the last thing you need is to be told it will get better in a few months then have it not as ppl kept telling me this and when it never happend i feel it just made it worse, so instead im just here to let you know that your not alone, so if you need to talk you know where to find me.

    [email protected]

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  • What do you feed him? I found that my baby wakes up in the night if he hasnt had enough food in the day time or before bed.

    So I feed him milk and solids and cooled boiled water for his thirst
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