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advice plz

hi hope uz r allok am really stuck my 6 month old daughter is waking about 7 to 8 times during the night i am bk 2 wrk in 4 weeks n i dont no what to do . any tips to help me shes bein like this since she was born also she will only drink 2 oz at a time off her bottle av tried changin her milk her teats nothing seems 2 wrk has ay1 bein thru this any suggestions plz x


  • hi, wish i could help but as my baby not here yet - havent had this situation, but i do have a friend who currenlty has a 6 month old baby and has had a similar situation - from birth her baby was a great sleeper, here are some of reasons she told me why her baby wasnt sleeping,

    like you first thing she did was change milk - which helped a little
    then baby had colic - think she used that gripe water or is aston parsons - cant remember but phamacy would know
    and now she thinks its cos baby is teething
    she also swears by johnsons lavendar bedtime bath

    if you have tried all this maybe a little check up with doctor/health visitor - they might have some other suggestions.

    soz i couldnt be more help x
  • Have you seen a doctor? I'm wondering if your daughter could have a milk intolerance and thats why she's so unsettled at nights. How is she in the daytime & does she feed as often in the daytime? And what is she like when she wakes?

    This may be a bit random of a suggestion for you but my 2 year old son was yesterday diagnosed (finally!!!!) with milk protein intolerance and one of his main problems is being unsettled at ngiht - we've been struggling with him getting worse with night wakings for the past year and tonight is his first night on soya milk. One of the problems i've had getting a doc to listen to me when I knew something was wrong was that he wasn't having the main symptoms of milk intolerance (vomiting and diarhoea) - just the restless nights

    I'd highly recommend keeping a diary of her eating/sleeping/behaviour and when you noticed any changes and asking a doctor to refer you to a dietician - the one we have just seen with my son is fantastic and 100% agreed with me that my son is milk protein intolerant so we are confident that he'll be improved soon. I'm lactose intolerant so we had tried some stuff beforehand.

    Actually -t heres a thought with milk - have you tried goats milk formula? We tried my son on that and goats milk and it helped (goats milk has the same lactose content as cows milk and formula and breast milk but something about the milk proteins is different). Or I know for babies you can get soya formula on prescripton or a non-dariy non soya formula called I think neocate which is what my 3 month old nephew is on also for milk protein intolerance.

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