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Hi, I know everyone says that all babies are not the same and there is no rule book for them but need some advice on sleeping.
My baby is 11 weeka old on thurs. She used to be really good at sleeping in her crib, I had got her used to going down and putting herself to sleep, she would wake once for a feed through night and then go back to sleep no probs. Soemtimes she would fight going down first thing at night but I would let her cry for a few min's pick her up and cuddle her then put back down and continue with this until she was asleep. I have now moved her into her cot as she was getting big for her crib and I thought it would be cooler for her in this hot weather. She is now fighting sleep big time. She hardly naps during the day when we are at home and the last 2 nights she has had to fall asleep in our arms and then be put down as she screams ( even then she can wake when you put her down). Last night after her feed she wouldn't settle and was up from about 2am-5pm then awake at 7am. She has slept a little today but is currently in my hubbies arms fighting the sleep again.
Can anyone offer advice on where I may be going wrong or anything we coud try. Should I put her back in her crib?:\?


  • Hi, my baby is just over 8 weeks and we have had the same problem over the past week. It could be the weather - she has found it really uncomfortble and I have also not swaddled her as normal as its too warm so may be a bit of a change. We have just moved her from moses to crib which seems ok but we have been naughty - she falls asleep by patting her lying on her side on our bed then we move her after the dream feed - so she has never just fallen asleep on her own. she used to go off at 7.30 ish, have a dream feed them sleep til 5am feed then sleep til 7/8a.m. This has gone completely out of the window since it got warm - it now takes between 1-2 hours for her to go asleep at night and daytime naps often take ages unless I hold her the last up to an hour. I am hoping it will improve when it cools down or it may just be a phase....?? sorry no answers but lets see if the weather is the culprit...

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