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Panic last night - advice needed

Hi guys

Last night I suddenly woke up at 2.35 and thought my daughter of 15 months had stopped breathing (she sleeps in a cot right next to bed). She was lying on her back and I felt her belly as I could not see it go up and down. I started to panic after about 10 seconds and then woke her mum up. We flicked on the light and her mum picked her up. We called her name a few times and she eventually stirred and streched her arms.
All seems ok this morning but now she is sleeping again I can cleary see and hear her breathing now he is lying on her back.
I must confess that I have always worried about this sort of thing from Birth so might have been looking for any sign too much but guess I have never come accross this situation.
Anyway my rational head says look you probably just woke up could not see or feel her breathing in a dark room. Started to panic and after about 30 seconds she finally woke when Mum picked her up.
But as a lot of you know It can still be a big worry.
Any help with any advice appreciated.



  • From what I know about my daughter it may just be that your daughter was in a very deep sleep so it may have looked as if she wasn't breathing. If you're concerned about her breathing you could place your hand about an inch or so above her face for about 10 seconds and you should feel her breath on your hand. If you're really concerned lick your hand first and it will be easier to feel.

    From a first aid point when you're checking for breathing they say to look for the chest rising, listen for breathing noise and feel for warm breath. The best way to do this is to place your cheek above the mouth and nose and look down the body to see the chest rising.

    If you are concerned about this why not contact your health visitor or GP for more advice.
  • Many thanks DaisyBell. Went to the GP today and she checked her out. All signs good an she said she might have had a small period of apnea and I just happpened to see that 10-15 second period.
    I can normally hear her breath and see her belly go up and down so thats why I panicked a bit but guess its a dark room and not always easy to make out what is fully happening. Will keep a good eye on her in the next few days

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