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Nearly 4 and still not sleeping through the night!!!

Our daughter still wakes in the night 2-4 times. Mainly for a drink. She has enlarged tonsils and I do let her take a drink up with her but she doesn't see to herself, She may do the first wake up session but after that she will call until one of us to go into her room to serttle her back down. It's very draining and now that I am 10 weeks pregnant again, it's getting harder!

Anyone else got this problem and have solved it???? Please help! :\?


  • my little girl was the same i used a star chat and this worked really well .every night see didt wake mum and dad up she got a star at the end of the week if she had enought stars she would get a treat a little toy or even a trip to the park. i now how hard it can be but it does get better and now she sleeps really well if she thirsty she just has a drink that i leave next to her bed and goes back to sleep.
  • Hiya

    didn't want to read and run! Have you tried a rewards based chart/system. I am sure you have, but is there something she really wants to do, like ballet lessons or something else you could try and bargain with her. That is probably the completely wrong way to deal with it, but setting a goal that the child wanted always seemed to work for me whenever my older 2 were being a royal pain.

    Hope you manage to sort out something soonimage.

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