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dropping morning nap

what do you guys do for those who's babies dont nap in morning in terms of getting showered/dressed? my LO is 7 months and is still napping in morning but i wondering about future. i guess i could shower with door open and get dressed in living room where he is playing, but i always wonder about him crawling into thing? playpen maybe?


  • depending what time your baby tends to wake up you could get up and ready before them - also depends on how long you like to try and lie in though!

    I find Harry tends to be up between 630/7 so i can cram in a quick shower/hair wash at 6 (just dont always have time to brush it afterwards, never mind dry it :lol: ) and be ready for when he wakes.

    Otherwise I do it the night before if I can keep my eyes open long enough

    saying that Harry is 11.5 months and would take everything apart in the 15 minutse I need so him being awake is not really an option :lol:
  • yes thats what im thinking as lil man started crawling! he wakes around 7-8 am, but still wakes in night so i may have to get him in play pen to have shower and watch him when i get dressed!
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