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Advice needed for having Baby and Toddler please

I have a 20 week old baby and a 20 month old toddler, I am finding the baby wants all of my attention and wants help falling asleep. When she is asleep the toddler wakes her up either by being too noisy or touching her.

When I am picking up baby constantly the toddler is crying and grabbing on to me.

I can't seem to do the controlled crying with the baby as I don't want toddler to wake at night and can't seem to be able to put up with the crying during the day.

How on earth do I get baby to fall asleep on her own? please help me:cry:


  • My baby is 6 weeks old on thursday and i have a 19month old. I have been having a similar problem the baby does not want to be put down at all when he's awake, I am breastfeeding so to get him to fall asleep he has a feed as he wont fall asleep any other way and when he does go to sleep gets poked and stroked continuously and woken up...I f you cant ignore the crying during the day (as i cant) then there isnt really any other way! Im lucky as my 19month old does not mind me having hold of baby (infact he wants to hold him more than me) When baby starts doing more it will get easier as they seem to entertain themselves a bit more.
    hope things get a bit easier for you soon!
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