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hi - has anyone successfully co-slept with their baby - there seems to be two schools of thought on co-sleeping - either that it is the best way for a baby to sleep OR you absolutely must not do it!  My husband is keen to try it and i am thinking it might work for us as our daughter wakes so often to breastfeed at night but i have so many practical questions like where in the bed should the baby go - between you or at the side? do you cover the baby with your duvet or keep them uncovered but in a baby sleeping bag?  help please!!!!!!


  • Hi Jenni, well i think the only thing i can say is do what you feel best, ive heard a lot of people who breastfeed have done it.

    i didnt breastfeed, but most nights my 17 month old is in with us from around older daughter used to be the same, but she grew out of it before she was 2 yrs old. i think shes worse when those teeth are coming through.

    we did have her in with us when she was smaller too, she just seemed to sleep better in the night with us. again, just when or if she wke in the night, but shes always gone to sleep in her cot.

    if shes in with us, she sleeps between us, on top of the duvet so as not to over heat, and when she was little, was in her sleeping bag.

    obviously remember to follow the rules of co sleeping too, ie, dont co sleep if youve been drinking etc.

    sorry i cant be more helpful. hope you work out whats best for you all.

    kas xx


    this link is a bed thing which makes co-sleeping safer!

    I always worried too much about having bronwyn in bed with us!!

  • they look great caroline, i saw those afetr id had tara and would consider buying one if i had another child.
  • Hi Jenni.  I prefer not to have the children in the bed at night, partly because I get so little sleep at the monment that a small person kicking me in the back and out of the bed is not welcome, and partly because I didn't spend a fortune on beds for them not to use them!

    My daughter is 29 weeks old and she is still in a cot in our room so she is close to me for feeding as she still wakes for a feed more often than not, but she is not physically in the bed.  When it is time for her to move out she will be going into her brother's room with him and as she adores him I think it ought to work out OK, plus Bon has bunk beds so I am likely to spend a few nights in that room to make sure both kids are OK with the new arrangements.

    Bon does come into our bed when he feels lonely but it isn't something I encourage.  He knows he can if, say, I am on my own if hubbie is away, or if he really needs the company, but he also knows it is not going to be a regular thing. 

    That is the best arrangement for us - he knows he can if he needs to but also is aware he has his own space and mummy and daddy have theirs.

  • Thanks for all your advice - think i will hold off on the co-sleeping for now as i am so scared of squashing our little one!  Also am feeling upbeat and positive as i was only woken once last night! wooohooo!!!!!
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