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Noisy Sleeper!!

Calling all parents!!

 Help I need more sleep,!! my four wk old makes enough noise to wake the dead while shes asleep. She will only sleep deelply for an hour or so the rest of the time she wriggles about making all sorts of crazy loud noises. Has anyone got any ideas of how we can help her sleep more quietly??

 We swaddled her for the first few weeks but she can even wriggle out of that making a wide variety of strange noises while she does. I keep lifting her to give her her night bottle and descovering she's still asleep its just her mummy and daddy that are wide awake! image)

 I'm seriourly considering moving her in to her own room soon,  but with all the cot death advice on keeping them in you room untill 6 months I'm reluctant.

 Please help

Thanks Aud x


  • Hi

    My sister has a 6wk baby boy and he is the same, he grunts and wriggles so much that my sister was awake most of the night, she had to put him in her own room at 5wks so she could get some sleep.

    My daughter went in her own room at 12wks and it did her no harm and i never even thought about cot death!

    P.s welcome to ppimage

  • Wow that sounds just like jd!! He used to make soooo much noise and thrash around. We put him in his own room at 2 months and we all slept so much better. I did worry about cot death and some of my friends said i was silly not to have him next to me but i knew it was the right thing for us. Maybe try it and see how it goes, just put the monitor as close as you can to her so you'll hear everything which helped me alot. Good luck and welcome to PP!!!!
  • I agree with sarah.I had to do the same.And def put the monitor close to her thats what I did.You soon relax with it nad will eventualy have the confidence to switch the monitor off!!! you will honest!!
  • image Thank you all so much for your quick replies. Defo think we'll need to try her in her own room soon or i'm gonna go crazy. Just  need to talk my husband in to it, he's a bit of a worry wort !

    I have another totally unrelated question, how did you get photos on you profiles? Every time i try to download on it says its too big, tried resizing it but didn't help.

    Thanks Again Aud x

  • Hope you get on ok with her in her own room, can only give it a go!! As for the pics, i used a site called shrink pictures and did it on there. Do you mean the little pics next to the post? 


    Thanks Sarah, that shrink pic site is really good, still couldn't get my photos to be a small enough file. Boo! But managed to add one through to tool bar instead. Thanks again for all the advice Aud x

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