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Sooo tired

I am sooo tired atm, Reese is AWAKE for hours at night, not crying just gurgling, cooing laughing, kicking the side of the cot - he doesn't want feeding and he only wimpers when he gets bored - i'm at the end of my tether. He doesn't even sleep for hours during the day, 2 15 min cat naps if i'm lucky!

He has a good bedtime routine, bath, bedtime cream, low light and a bedtime bottle (the thicker stuff) he goes into his cot rlls over and goes to sleep, but by 1 am he is awake and wants to play!!!!

He is such a good baby in all other aspects, no trouble weaning or getting him to sleep in his cot, so mild mannered compared to Hayden!

He is waking Hayden up so i end up in bed with a fidget while hubby goes into the bunkbeds as he is up early for work.

Hayden is having nightmares about 'chocolate teddy bears'...??? and screams - which on the off chance Reese has gone to sleep he wakes up again.....Help!!!


  • No -but yesterday i did give him an extra organix summer fruit pudding at about 3pm and he ate it all. he did sleep better last night so maybe i should try filling him up with food instead of milk?!
  • Sorry to hear things are tough at the min, i'm afraid i don't have any advice really. Hope someone can give you some ideas x x
  • Hi hun, I'd suggest reading a story to Hayden, this might  help over time because then he wouldn't be having as many bad dreams. As for the baby, I really don't see why he doesn't sleep. Especially if he doesn't even sleep during the day. Either way, try to let him crawl around on his blanket during the day. He probably isn't sleeping due to lack of physical activity during the day.  This is just my personal advice, I hope it helps. I really think you need to get some sleep image
  • Hi Sarah - Hi soph01 This is what i don't understand Reese rolls about al over the place during the day and plays with his brother! He isn't crawling yet but is trying very hard to image

    Hayden loves stories - his fav at the moment is 'my best friend Bob' about 2 guinea pigs calle dbob and brian - and the Harry and his bucket full of dino's range - always has a story before bed! He has become very clingy to me recently - maybe cos i am home all the time atm - who knows!!

  • Aw these are the sweetest moments of motherhood. I am serious ladies, the clingy baby moments should be cherished! I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough time getting some sleep BecsF. I don't know what else to suggest. I will try asking my family members for some advice for you...hope things get better soon.
  • Had a blissful nights sleep last night - my parents had both babies!! image They love going to nanna's and grandads!
  • oh how lovely becs! im soooo jealous!

    As for reese luka was/still is the same he is just sleeping thru and he is 15m on Monday!!! its been a shocker as tom and tate both slept thru v.early. Luka would regularly wake and not want anything we would give him a bottle but sometimes he was just awake and wanted to play. The hv suggested sedatives at one point.

    I would try and get him napping better in the day if you can as this does help with nightime sleep. does he have a sleeping bag? both tate and luka had one til they were about one and it really, really helped them understand it was sleepy time at nap time. Good luck. im always tired too as rarely get a full nights sleep, so know how you feel xxx

  • sorry to hear you're having trouble sleeping.. am dreading the arrival of this little one as ben is so good at sleeping through the night..

    are the boys sharing a room? it's difficult cos once you get into a routine of taking reece into your bed he'll start to expect it, but if they're sharing a room it's difficult for you to try and ignore him as he'll wake hayden up.. i think the others' ideas are all good - sleeping bags, filling up with food/milk, and if all else fails, grandparents to the rescue!! did he sleep round theirs??

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