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What are your best sleep tips for your baby?

 I've just got my nine month old sleepig through and it's been a long hard struggle but after four weeks of sleeping all night, I feel ready to share!  I've got a 2.5 year old as well and she sleeps ok (except when the green dinasoar comes in his room when I'm not there!).  So here's what I've found useful:

 1 - Day time nap schedule stays the same - sleeping at the same time every day, with a big enough gap before bed makes a HUGE difference.

2 - Dark room in the day, night and mornings.  I've got a blackout blind which I take with me if I'm going to a friend's house or the grandparents etc - but we use it in the bedroom as well.  Very handy.

3 - Sleepytot baby comforter  We have three of these marvellous bunnies, which are carefully rotated.  We pop the dummies on the paws using the velcro and our dd can find the dummy herself, so no more waking me up to find it under the cot, bang my head, wake our ds etc!  Wish they were around when ds was smaller.

4 - Sleeping bags.  These are just so great.  We use the Grobag ones and ds is in the gro bag my first duvet set which is so clever!  Stops him falling out of bed!

5 - Always putting baby down awake - best advice anyone ever gave me and I'll pass it on again and again.

6 - Fan in the bedroom.  We used this when we were settling dd and now the advice is that it's a SIDS preventor!  But i just think it was the noise and the cool air.  

What tips do have?  Let's share so we can have lots of little sleepers! x      

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