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I know this can be a pretty risky subject,

since a extremely bad patch with jacks (for 3months he wouldnt settle until 3-6am) we cracked down and found what seems like the perfect routine for us, and yes some evenings were running up and down settling him but who doesnt have bad patches.

But ive recently had a few people say he sleeps too much? its now been said to andrew now, and its causing conflict between us as hes not as stubborn as me, routine is as follows...

Upstairs to bed 7pm change story milk etc, in cot by 7.30pm asleep most nights straight away. 8pm latest. May be disturbed around 9 due to a neighbour finishing work, cuddle muslin back in cot then sometimes when we go 2 bed, dont often go into him then as we can switch music on via baby monitor which works 99% of the time.

gets up anytime between 9-10.30am

then has a 1-2hr nap 2hrs after he wakes

and often will search for his muslin and ask to go back up for another hr or so in the afternoon, but not everyday (this nap isnt allways necessary its usually on days hes up nearer 9) 

then back to bed at 7pm.

Is he sleeping too much, one family member said it because hes bored not stimulated enough, which is very hurtful when we spend so much time playing with him doing crafts etc! or just giving him a box of toys and watching what he does,

i thought that aslong as he slept and ate well and was happy i was getting it right, now i feel like a bad mum!


  • Doesn't sound like he's sleeping too much at all? What you describe sounds fine to me. All that matters is that your little boy is happy and that you feel that what your doing is right. Thats an awful thing to say to you and i wouldn't listenx x

  • i don't know how much a little one is sposed to sleep - have you spoken to your hv about it? sounds like quite a lot of sleep to me, but might just be what he needs.. ben was sleeping from 7.30pm til 7am most nights and a sleep of an hour to two hours in the afternoon at the same age and we thought that was pretty good, he'd sometimes sleep more if going through a growth spurt..

    as long as he's happy and healthy and seems okay to you i wouldn't worry what other people think.. but maybe if you want reassurance give your hv a call?

  • its knocked the wind out of our sails as we both 4t the more he slept the better, hes been so much happier since we started this pattern so im sticking to it as ill need al the sleep i can get wen sprout arrives!

    I personally think the person saying it was just making themselves feel better for having a child who slept less, they r all different, we suffered enough with jack in the begining to deserve a bit of an easier time now xx

  • Don't worry about what other people say,Jack sounds just fine.It's obviously the right amount of sleep for him,he'd soon let you know if he wasn't tired.Certainly don't make any changes to his routine this close to having the new baby.Babies like routine.Make sure whoever takes care of him while you're not there knows his routine too and sticks to it wherever possible.Every child is different,so don't let someone tell you what you're doing's wrong.How dare they say it's understimulation.He'll let you know if he's bored and it won't be by sleeping.Stick to what works for you.You know best.Mummy always does.
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