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Hi All,

I put my 2 year old into a bed 12 days ago and he absolutely loves it and gets so excited when he gets in it and is constantly jumping in and out of it.

For the first few days when I put him to bed he got out of it to follow me out of the room and I put him back to bed and explained it was bedtime and that was it, he stayed in it slept straight through with no problems.

However, in the last week, when I put him down for his afternoon nap and at bed time, I am having a total nightmare with him constantly getting up. On Saturday afternoon I had to put him back into bed 72 times before he stayed there. I have tried doing it the Supernanny way and tucking him back in with no eye contact or talking but the problem is that everytime he races me back to the bed and jumps in laughing his head off, so he thinks its a game.

I am at my wits end. He has always been so good at bedtimes, with me just lying him in his cot, putting his music on and walking away, I have never had to rock him or lie with him etc.

He is so tired when he goes to bed so it's not a problem with that. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts? I am sure the Supernanny way would work if I was actually struggling to get him to go back to bed, but I am getting increasingly frustrated as the routine goes on and him thinking it is funny and such a great game really isn't helping.

Thanks loads


  • jacks has been in a bed 2 months now and its only been in the past few weeks hes took his naps there, we tried for the first week but in the day the temptation of getting up to play was too much for him and we used to put him in his buggy with his milk and hed dose off there then he suddenly kept asking to go upstairs, hed find his muzzy taggies and a dummy and wait at the door we did nothing to cause this he just decided, he now naps well upstairs, there is the odd day he decides just to play but i leave him to it aslong as hes happy.

    as for at night time, to begin with we did the supernanny technique and to be honest with a newborn to deal with aswell it became a joke, we didnt stop all night! so one night i put him to bed as usual but gave him a few books and SHUT the door (the handle is upside down so he cannot escape, mainly because he likes toilets) and if he gets up and plays i leave him for a set amount of time then i go put him back if i think hes taking the mick, now though he plays for no more than 15mins then climbs into bed himself, as ive previously said hes still in a sleeping bag and we have a video baby monitor which helps alot! although you could always use a stairgate so you could check on him and he cant escape!

    best of luck, hell get there in the end! xxx

  • My eldest was 18mths when she escaped the cot repeatedly and cracked her head on the floor jumping off the rail so had to convert the cotbed for safety.  She immediately decided she didn't want to stay in her sleeping bag and kept getting out of it.  I also had a newborn and husband working nights to content with so I stuffed her favourite toys and books in her room with a night light and had to leave her to it, within a couple of nights the novelty of no-one going in until she was in bed and quiet had completely worn off and she's been fine ever since.  Now my problem is getting her to get up to use the potty!
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