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Hi there,

Has anyone found that special something that sends their baby straight to sleep? My sister has found that her son goes to sleep really quickly when she puts his head by the extractor fan, and both her children fall straight to sleep if they're driven about in the car for 15 minutes - but I know this is pretty normal.

I'm wondering if any other mothers have found their own weird and wonderful tricks that seem to send their baby off to sleep almost without fail. Maybe you know another mother who's found something really unusual that works a treat?

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, please share here

Look forward to seeing what comes back!

x Libby


  • my daughter is 15 now but when she was little i used to rub the bridge of her nose and she was asleep in mins lol. then she learned to talk and if i started doing this she would say no sleep mummy lol as she knew what i was up to lol.
  • Hiya

    My friend would put the hoover on just outside her babie's bedroom door, this would always send her to sleep. Doesn't work with mine image

    Emma x
  • My son loves being his back scratched while caressing his blanket! :lol:
  • Classic fm - works a treat xx
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