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Little one wont settle

Need help!!! My lo is 4 weeks old now and is a pain in the bum at nights! We've had a bedtime routine for her for about 3 weeks now, and she goes down perfectly until about 1 and then wakes up for another feed, and then after that she just doesn't settle! Sometimes it won't be until her next feed or she's even awake after that! The other night was from 1 till 7! She doesn't have a problem with feeding but seems to want loads a night! About 7oz's but only once and doesn't spit up after it. She sleeps perfectly through the day and I've tried keeping her awake a bit during the day but she doesn't have none of it! I've tried everything from swaddling to putting a piece of clothing in her basket but nothing. This is my first and so any advice or ideas would be brilliant! 


  • This is a very delicate time and I am sure the routine will ease gradually within the next few weeks as with babies they are adapting to the environment and full of so much energy that to try and streamline the routine at this stage would only be counter productive. Possibly best to record the amount of times a night your lo wakes and discuss with nurses at the baby clinic.

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