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If anyone has any tips I would be really gratefu.

My 6mth old will oBly go to sleep being rocked or when being feed.

I have tried putting her down with music when she is tired but awake and she get very upset and I have tired this a few times and go into her to comfort her and she gets so upset after 20-25 mins I pick her up to settle her and she falls asleep on me.

How long is normal to leave her crying and if anyone has any tips they used it would be great.

Thank you in advance 


  • Hi Hannah, got to say i went through exactly what you're going through - my baby was a nightmare. So bad, we ended up hiring a sleep trainer who wrote us a plan of action - i basically sat outside the bedroom, put her to bed, she would scream. I'd go in and say 'sleepytime, shush, shush' and then leave. She would scream, then i'd go in ever 2mins, 4mins, 8mins etc. No picking up, just stroking and soothing (how i wanted to pick her up!). When she'd wake in the night, we did the same thing. WE knocked it on the head within 3 days - i kid you not.
    It took SO much out of me to leave her cry it out, but it really did work.

  • I often breast fed my daughter to sleep, a completely natural way to help them to get to sleep. I did this till she was a year old then my husband did bedtimes & I stopped breast feeding during the day. I still shhh or sing her to sleep some days at nearly 3.

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