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Do any of you do dream feeds? And how do you work it if so? Considering trying Sammy tonight as he's zonked on me after a poor day nap wise and I'd like to settle him in crib for the night by 10ish - his usual time, the hope being I can leave him with H while I pick up my cousin from the airport at 11. So do I need to wake him up at all? Do you do what you consider to be a full feed - offer both boobs? And do you still wind? He is quite windy and has reflux so I always try to wind and do upright sleep time on me for a little bit after feeds during the night - should this still work with a dream feed or am I going to wake him and mess the whole thing up?!


  • I do sometimes and usually the act of picking her up and putting her to the boob is enough to get her suckling. I then just gently tilt her upright ensuring head is well supported this usually is enough to produce a burb as she is so relaxed. It doesnt always work though if she is in a deep sleep in which case you mayhave a few hours before he wakes anyway xx

  • Thanks willow. Just tried and he latched straight away then pulled himself off after 5 mins and closed his mouth tightly! Hopefully it will buy me a bit more time though, and it's so great that they can feed whilst asleep, he settled straight Back in my arms - clever! x

  • Hiya I'm new to this dream feeding I've only just discovered it but want to get my little boy into a routine, hes 8 weeks old and he's bottle fed, he suffers from reflux how does that fit into the dream feeding technique? As if I wind him loads and then hold him upright whilst feeding and after feeding (like I do in the day) he is more than likely going to wake up fully and not fall back to sleep like I would like any advice/help is appreciated xx

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