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Night terrors

Does anyone has any experience of this with their LOs?

A has these we think. She'll go through phases of most nights for a week or so, and then not again for weeks and weeks. It's probably got something to do with developmental leaps or something, I don't know, but they are really difficult to handle and very distressing for us all.

Our HV is pretty rubbish and I haven't seen her in ages, so don't really want to go to her - I don't really trust anything she says, but the Google scares me!


  • Isobelle went through a stage of waking up crying for a few weeks, which we weren't sure if it was night terrors but they just stopped. I'm not sure if there's much you can do except comfort & reassure them that they're safe, unless of course she can tell you what's wrong. I found that at nighttime, however articulate she was during the day, she couldn't (or wouldn't) communicate anything to us & would just cry. Sorry I'm not much help but hope it doesn't last too long x x

  • William has been waking and crying uncontrollably every so often, and i wondered if it was this too.  We've been bringing him in beside us if he doesn't settle, which seems to have helped.  I feel pretty bad as I've not been as hands on at night for the past few weeks due to sickness. H brought W into our room one night after one episode and the wee soul grabbed me and held on so tightly.  He'd obviously had a bad dream, it was such a wee shame.  I agree with Blackkat that all you can do is be there to hold them and reassure them that everything is ok.

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