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Sleep Crying - Advice please!

Hello All,

Zac is nearly 5 months now - which I still can't believe, time has gone so fast!

The last two weeks we have all really been suffering as he's started sleep crying. Basically, he goes down perfectly and will sleep for about 30-40mins without any problem. Then the screaming starts, I read online that as I know/think it's sleep crying to leave him and it should calm down and stop. I have tried this but last night, it was a blood curdling scream, honestly you'd think he was being murdered. I went in to him, but nothing I did helped and he didn't calm until he was ready which was a good few mins after I picked him up. He screamed for a full 10 times in total.

Now, picking him up is a bad idea because once he goes back to sleep (if he's woke up), after so long he will start the screaming again - it's as if he needs to do it in order to get properly to sleep? Once he's asleep, it was probably gone 8pm when he had screamed it out and then stopped and gone to sleep properly, he didn't wake up until 7:15am, which is good but we are putting him to bed at between 6/6:30pm.

Is this just a phase? It's really awful, I'm in tears most nights because I can't bear it and OH is trying to be tough but he hates it too - we just don't know what to do for the best and worry that he might be crying/screaming for a reason and we're just leaving him.

Thanks in advance,
Ali x
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