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My son won't sleep! Nothing is working!

My LO is 11 months old I have been weaning him off the boob for 2 months and everything was ok! I was only doing a breast bed time feed and he would fall asleep during and wouldn't wake up until the morning.

now I have stop breast feeding all together and all he does is scream and scream and scream. Even holding him near his cot and he's already worked up. I have found that controlled crying makes him scream louder.

one evening a stranger knocked on my door shouting at me saying I'm neglecting my LO and that I shouldn't be a mother, this upset me so much that I stopped this method. I have tried the gentle method and he just sees it as a game doesn't sleep then screams when I leave the room. 

has anyone any advice? it would be much appreciated.


  • Well that's just awful someone knocked at your door and said that - please don't take that to heart - you've breasfed for almost a year which is fantastic!

    The first thing i'd say is it's a phase - remember this will stop, eventually! As with all kids, this will stop! How is he taking a bottle now? Does that help or soothe him? Does he have a dummy? You may not want to introduce a dummy as this stage, but if he has one, does it help? Have you tried stroking him to sleep, or is he just craving the breast? I didn't breastfeed, but i have close friends who did, and the breast was their babies comfort, so maybe try getting him to sleep on you snuggled up and then transferring him to bed? Will he take a bottle of water?

    Maybe bath him, then pop him in the cot and sit with him, sing him songs, stroke him until he drifts off. Good luck and let us know how you get on. And please don't beat yourself up -  this happens!

  • Try this short book on controlled crying. Search on amazon

    Simple Dad. A simple guide to con trolled cryinh

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