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6 week old doesn't sleep

Hi all. I need some help and advice. 

I have a 6 week old little boy who sleeps amazingly on the night time...wakes up only once during the night and has slept all the way through on one occasion.

The day time however is a complete different story. he wakes up between 630 and 730 every morning has a bottle and a nappy change and then doesn't normally want to go for a nap...he winges and drifts off when holding him but as soon as he's in his cot he's wide awake...even sometimes his eyes are getting heavy when he's In his cot and he still won't go to sleep. I want to get him tk tame maps during the day so he's not so cranky but he won't take one. HELP!!!!


  • sounds just like my little one ☺️ now he is 9 weeks old and for the past few weeks I let him have a nap on my chest or in his Chicco polly swing (he sleeps for 3 hours on my chest and 1,5 hours in his swing) At least he gets some sleep and he's not as fussy as before ☺️

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