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Sleep tracking device for my baby


Have you ever heard about any sleep tracking device for babies? My little gilrl is 4 months old, and i have noticed that she doesn't sleep so well but so far i can't really explain why, it is quite random. I wish know more about the way he sleeps, so that i could find solutions to help him. I know there is some existing devices for adults, but for babies i can't find thel. Any ideas?



  • I personally never use these kind of device, but one of my friend is using something called "sense" I think for him and his wife, and i quite happy with it.

  • Never heard about something like that. You could use a sensor pad to make sure she is breathing ok. Make sure she is not too hot/ too cold. The lullaby trust site has a lot of information on how to make sure your baby sleeps well. Try white noise. And a sleeping bag instead of blankets. I hope it works out for you xx

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