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Should I dream feed at 8 months?

Hey xx

im after some advice. My little girl is 8 and a half months now and can sleep from 7 however she is waking up every night between 3 and 4. This has been going now for about 6 weeks and is starting to take its toll on me as my husband works shifts so I am pretty much doing everything between night and day X I have to get up with her but don't turn any lights on and she will normally go back to sleep. She has a bottle around 5.30-6 and by about 6.40 she wants to go back to sleep again for an hour. 

im wondering if you have any advice at what I could do to help her get past this time. Should I dream feed before I go up to bed? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated xxx thank you xx😄


  • Hi there Starbear36. I'm a big believer in dream feeds - they worked really well for my babies, and they made the whole up in the night thing much easier for me.

    I did it by gradually moving the dream feed earlier in the night. So my first baby was always waking for a feed at about 1am, so I gradually used fed him a little earlier each night till his dream feed was at 11pm – and then he'd go through to 5am ish. 

    I think you have to be prepared for it not to work, especially at the beginning, and that your baby may still wake in the night anyway. It worked quite quickly with my first baby but took a bit longer with my second - but it felt good to be trying something!

    Sounds like you're doing an amazing job with your little girl.

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