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Unable to get 11month old to sleep on a night

My little boy turns 1 next week and from about 7months we started trying CC with great results. Granted some night we would have to odd blip but generally we could put him down and after 5 mins he would go off.

Then at about 9months the sickness started! We would always feed him in his room in the rocking chair, he started projectile vomiting after every feed so we changed the routine, fed him down stairs and then took him up awake and let him settle. 

Now as soon as he is put in the cot he screams to the point of protectile vomititing unless we stay with him. As soon as we try walk away he kicks off and throws up, he can have only been crying for a minute or so before doing it. We now have to sit on the floor by his cot until he's ready to fall and then army crawl out once he's asleep 😳 Sometimes this can be over an hour.

Please can anyone give me any advise I feel like I'm failing and don't know how to resolve this issue! 

Thank you 


  • When My little girl was like that I changed her formila to comfort milk as I realises the stage one and the hungrier babies didn't work for her as she was constantly hungry and vomited everywhere. That helped with her sickness completely which was amazing to help her sleep I bought johnsons baby lavender shampoo and johnsons baby lavender body wash which made her get sleepy.

    id have a warm bottle made for her for after her bath and a hot water bottle in her cot to warm it up for when she goes in, she'd still think I was there with her. But she normally falls asleep whilst I'm feeding her. Another thing you could do is baby massages it's meant to soothe the baby and help them get a really good night sleep and it also helps with other things too. sorry if this reply isn't good for your situation I know your pain as my little one had the exact same problem. fingers crossed for you. 

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