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Coughing and choking in sleep.

Hello, I'm a first time mum so please forgive me if I am being too concerned about my daughter. My baby girl is 7 months old and has been having dificulty sleeping at nights as she none stop cries no matter what you do she isn't her happy self. She recently has had a cold and I've been giving her paracetamol, giving her plenty fluids and trying to get her to rest as much as she can even if it s half an hour naps. But the cough has just got worse. She is now coughing and choking in her sleep and I am petrified that she may stop breathing so im not getting much sleep myself. Is there anyone that's been through this before and know if it's something I should be concerned about? People keep telling me just to give her calpol, put vacor rub on her feet before bed ect but nothing seems to be helping at times I don't know who her to phone nhs or to make an appointment with the GP. Would would your advice be ? 

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