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3 month old won't nap!


All of a sudden, my 3 month old boy won't go down for his naps. When he was a new born, he would obviously sleep lots during the day but recently, he's awake an awful lot and he won't sleep much during the day. That would be fine if he wasn't so tired and kept rubbing his eyes all the time. He's clearly tired at around 11am and 3pm each day but when I try and get him to sleep, he keeps fighting it and just cries. I've tried smoothing his head, and letting him have his dummy, and also tried some white noise but none of it seems to work. On a few occasions when I have got him to drift off, he only sleeps for about 20 minutes, rather than an hour or more which I've read is recommended.

Any advice? image


  • Iv got the same problem with my little girl (same age).. (she sucks on her mits or her pinky which is a lil blanket with a lil elephant teddy at the top) and Havin to bounce hum n shhh and sing to her... Yeah quite a lot of effort there right !?! I cud be doin this for half an hour befor she eventually falls asleep then I wait 10 mins.. And then put her down. She will either then wake up straight away after me attempting or she will wake within 10-15 mins... Problem is id she doesn't sleep more than tht she will be crying unconsolably until I try get her to sleep Again.... I really don't know what to do to get her to sleep longer and without having to put all tht effort in for her ..x

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