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No routine 😓

So my lg had rlli bad colic since she was born... Now she's 3months iv yet to establish a routine.. I can't get her to sleep without bouncing, shhhhing, humming etc... She will usually sleep on sofa about 10pm n I transfer her to Moses basket about 12/1 am ... I'm struggling for her to sleep fru the day ... And especially sttuggling with having to bounce her shhh her all the time ... I'm lost on wat to do next 😫


  • Have you tried swaddling her? That was a guaranteed every time almost imstant success with my lo. If you are not too confident with getting the blanket tight enough then id say use a 'swaddle sack'... Those are great as you just zip them in & velcros their arms wrapped up by their sides. If she is getting too big for traditional swaddling / breaks out of them then you can try the 'baby merlins magic sleepsuit'... Its a great transition from swaddling as it provides a little weight / padding to their limbs yo ease the startle reflex so they dont scare or hit themselves. Its great at calming my lo to sleep & after using it for just a couple weeks he is now going 8/9 hours at night between feeds, waking for a feed the. I pop him bk in his crib awake & he settles himself back to sleep for another couple hours. He is 4months old so not much difference.

    during the day he is sleeping much less now but if he gets really tired & worked up but struggling to sleep then the swaddle or his suit work in the daytime too to calm him then he's out like a light!

    good luck! Keep us posted

  • Hi thank you for your reply I do currently use a swaddle blanket.. It has legs and a Hood it looks rlli cute on too.. It is gettin a lil small for her now n she's never liked her arms by her side.. she always seems to like sleeping with

    her arms stretched put above her head.. I use tht at night time so she associates it with bedtime ... Might try using it in the day aswell.. 

    Mmy main problem with her is putting her down after she's fell asleep in my arms .. It's almost instant tht she wakes up 😫  

  • Best advice on that is that you should always put them down awake then comfort them in their crib if necessary or do the 'pick up put down' method.they need to learn to fall asleep in the crib rather than in your arms (if you want her to sleep in a crib rather than in your arms). When you transfwr her asleep the problem can be that she wakes up & its not the same place she fell asleep in... So she is comfused & scared. If you can get her tofall asleep in her crib, when she does stir & open her eyes itll be no big deal for her as she knows where she is.

    its not an easy thing to do so be prepared to spend hours a day for a few days by her crib & have lots of crying & pick up put downs.... But imo its def worth it as our baby is happily goes to sleep on his own now

  • Thankyou so much I'll defo give it a try.. I'm a first time mum and thought I was prepared but obviously noone can be tht prepared ehh  I think the whole clingy ness is because of her colic.... She had it rlli rlli bad at one point tht I pretty much cudnt put her down .... So I guess it's my own fault in a way x

  • we are all in this together my dear! first time mum or not, nothing can quite prepare you as every child is so different, every persons parenting style & wishes are different & you have to do whats right for your family. There really isnt a right or wrong way... Depends on what you want to achieve x

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