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Colic and Reflux Wedge advice

Hi guys would really like some advice please

My daughter has just turned 5 weeks and has been unsettled with colic at night time she has terible griping pains and is struggling to sleep lying flat so I've looked into buying a Clevamama Clevawedge with 3 point harness to help however we use an Angel Care sound and motion monitor and don't want to stop using it but I don't want to buy the wedge if the sensor pad won't work with it

Does anyone else have experience with a edge of this type and the Angel Care Monitor? 

This is the wedge incase anyone was wondering Clevamama ClevaWedge with 3 Point Harness: Baby

All advice will be gratefully received image


  • Is the problem reflux or gas do you think? By the way you say gripping pains that sounds like gas... Reflux symptoms are more like coughing, gagging / choking & throwing up. Have you tried gas drops? My lo used to have a lot of trouble with gas at night... he'd roll around with his legs scrunched up & cry & scream until he farted, rest for a bit then start again. I give him gas drops just in the evening / overnight with each feed & he is much better.

    with regards to the wedge... i'm not sure about the monitor with it, but my lo had reflux too (he is on medication for it)... The wedge seemed to help a lot... He stopped doing the choking thing almost instantly which was great as that was terrifying! He is 4 months now & no longer needs the wedge at night... We use it for tummy time now though so getting double use! 😊

  • Hi There, 

    I went through the same troubles.. I couldn't get my little girl to sleep because of griping pain. I bought the Babymoov cosydream ( and it just changed our life!

    I really recommend it! The pillow help her keep the good position and make her feel snuggle. Besides the cosydream is not expensive and really good value for money;

    Anyway good luck with this period, that will go away fast :)

  • Thank you both for replying ☺️

    Il have a look j to the cosy dream I originally looked into one of them when I was pregnant but didn't get it so will have another look 

    Katy x

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